Questions for Candidates

Here are some questions you can ask your federal election candidates to find out how committed they are to helping ease the squeeze on younger Canadians


  1. Preamble: Some have suggested there’s a growing and many-sided “squeeze” on Canadians in their 20s, 30s and 40s (with high costs for things like housing and child care, stagnant incomes and often precarious work, along with the burden of deteriorating natural resources and environmental damage).

    Do you agree younger Canadians are being squeezed? If so, what are the biggest challenges in this riding?

  2. Preamble: Government spending reflects government priorities, and research has revealed Canadian governments spend 3X more on seniors and retirees than on younger Canadians. While it’s natural to spend more on people as they age...

    Do you think Canada needs to invest more in younger Canadians? 

  3. Do you think Canada should regularly publish spending breakdowns by age, to help ensure all Canadians are receiving a fair share of public investment? 

  4. Preamble: Some would argue we have a duty to leave our children and grandchildren at least as much as we inherited. Things like good soil, healthy fisheries and forests, clean water, a stable climate, etc. 

    (a) If you agree, do you think the federal government currently has enough information to regularly assess if WE ARE leaving at least as much as we inherited?

    (b) Do you think someone like Canada’s Chief Actuary should be tasked with annually assessing this?

  5. What’s your plan to help younger Canadians struggling with, or facing high levels of student debt?

  6. What’s your plan to help younger Canadians find good jobs? 

  7. What’s your plan to help younger Canadians deal with high housing costs? 

  8. What’s your plan to help younger Canadians with the time and money squeeze that comes with raising a family?

  9. What’s your plan to help younger Canadians save for retirement? 


“Yes, Canadian governments need to make younger people a priority. I want a Canada that works for all generations."

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Questions for Candidates
Questions for Candidates
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