Cat Videos for Extra Cash?

You pay for your cat's food, why not have it pay for yours?

Seriously though: many younger Canadians, often having graduated from school with a pile of debt (paying tuition that's twice what it used to be), can't find a decent, stable jobs.

This leaves many of us struggling to make ends meet, dashing hopes of every owning a home or starting a family. The old story of "go to school and work hard" doesn't hold true as much as it used to. We're all doing what we can to cope, but our governments are routinely failing to adapt. 

So together, we're squeezing back.

FEDERAL ELECTION INFO: Click here to learn how each of the federal parties are promising to help younger Canadians find good jobs, and more

“Yes, Canadian governments need to make younger people a priority. I want a Canada that works for all generations."

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If #elxn42 doesn't help w/ the problem of #PrecariousWork, try this for some extra $, via @GenSqueeze
Cat Videos for Extra Cash?
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