The Rules (don't worry, they don't take long to read)


The Squeeze Back Video Contest is open to all current residents of Canada over the age of 18. Minors can apply through a parent or legal guardian.

Team entries

Entrants can choose to produce and submit videos as a team. If a team video earns a prize, that prize will be equally split amongst registered team members. 

Multiple submissions

Each entrant/team can submit up to five videos. 

Selecting finalists

All videos we deem to meet a minimum standard of quality and adhere to the submission guidelines will be selected as “finalists” and will be published on for the purposes of selecting winning videos. We'll announce finalists after Sept 29th (or as they come in, if we have time). Hint: we anticipate the vast majority of videos will make the cut.

Selecting winning videos/Prizes

Up for grabs are two $5,000 Peoples’ Choice prizes, and one $5,000 Judges’ Choice prize. Because multiple submissions are allowed, it’s possible for a single entrant/team to win up to a total of $15,000.

Peoples’ Choice: The first and second videos to attract 5,000 votes on the website earns its creator(s) a $5,000 peoples’ choice prize.*

*Voting will open on October 3rd, 2015 and will continue until the Peoples' Choice prizes have been awarded. We’ll be promoting this to our network, so some votes will be coming in that way, but if you’re chasing this prize it’s a good idea to invite people YOU know to vote for and share your video.

Each person can only vote for each video once, but can vote for as many videos as they like. To keep tabs, a person will have to sign up with their email address to vote. Inactive/fake email addresses will be screened out at the end of the contest and will not count towards vote totals. 

5,000 votes might be too high…this is the first time we’ve tried this. So, GenSqueeze retains the option to lower (but never raise) this threshold at any time during the contest – e.g. to speed up the contest – in which case all entrants will be notified.

Judges’ Choice: The judges’ choice prize will be awarded based on the following criteria: videography, audio, originality, relevance to Gen Squeeze issues, and clarity of message/impact.

Note that a single video CAN earn both a Peoples’ Choice prize and the Judges’ Choice prize, for a single-video total of $10,000.

Awarding of Prizes

Prize money is to be used for one of the following purposes:

  • To pay for tuition, training, to pay down student debt, or to contribute to an RESP;
  • To pay rent or mortgage payments, or as a contribution to a downpayment on a home;
  • To pay for child care services;
  • To put towards an RRSP;
  • To purchase or maintain any item that helps the winner live more sustainably;
  • To make a donation to a registered Canadian non-profit or charity.  

These prize options have been selected because they align with the work of Generation Squeeze.

Where possible, Generation Squeeze will pay the prize amount directly to the institution, bank, landlord, product or service provider associated with the expense. 

If a contest winner’s life circumstances are such that none of the prize options listed here are viable, we will seek to be flexible and will discuss options on a case-by-case basis. 

Ownership and rights of use

Entrants retain ownership of all submitted videos, but agree to grant the University of British Columbia ("UBC") Generation Squeeze project the permanent right to use the videos as specified in "Use of Videos", free of charge, whether the submitted video was chosen as a winner or not, though in all cases UBC will credit the creator(s).

Use of videos

Videos -- including portions of videos -- submitted to this contest may be used for UBC Generation Squeeze project promotions, advertising, fundraising, print documentation, and websites.


UBC is not responsible or liable for any erroneous, damaged, destroyed, lost, late, incomplete, illegible, corrupted, incorrectly addressed or misdirected submissions or any damage or loss arising from, or connected with the Video Contest. Submissions that do not comply with the complete rules stated may not be eligible to win. By submitting videos to this contest you are declaring your understanding of the rules of the contest.


If you have questions about this contest please contact Eric Swanson at


Video Guidelines: Here's what you can make 

Reminder: deadline for submissions is Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 at 11:59 pm PST


The theme of the Squeeze Back Video Contest is: You’re doing what you can to adapt (to the multi-faceted squeeze on younger Canadians), and it’s time our politicians did more, too. 

The core idea is that as individuals and families, many of us are taking responsibility, working hard and making the best choices we can to adapt to stagnant incomes, high costs, less time and mounting debts (including public debts like climate change). Sometimes we're forced to go to extreme lengths. Meanwhile, our governments routinely fail to do what they can.  

Message at the end

To help tie the whole contest together, videos must conclude with one of the following messages: “We’re doing what we can to ease the squeeze” OR “You’re doing what you can to ease the squeeze” OR “I’m doing what I can to ease the squeeze”, AND “It’s time our politicians did more, too." We'll add a clickable link to the end of your video to direct viewers to a page where they can vote for it!

If you want: To make your life easier you can download and use one of our animated endings:

Or, you can make your own!

Technical Stuff

  • Duration: 6.5 seconds (Vine length) to 90 seconds (for Vine-length videos you can skip the message at the end at put that in the description instead).
  • Remixes OK: Feel free to remix existing content, but the end product should be original. 
  • File size: No larger than 150MB please
  • Format: .MOV or MP4 preferred. Also OK: MPEG4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM
  • No Haters/Partisans: No hateful content; no partisan content (i.e. explicitly FOR or AGAINST a political party or election candidate); no content that obviously seeks to pit generations against each other.
  • BONUS: While not required, it'd be awesome if you sent your preferred still image to use as the thumbnail/promo image.

Gen Squeeze Logo, Fonts and Colours

  • While NOT required, if you want to match Gen Squeeze fonts and colours, or use our logo, you can snag all of that from our brand brief. 


Here's how to submit a video 

Click here to download the entry form, fill it out and EMAIL it (along with your video/link to your video) to  

Here's some inspiration

Check out the videos on our 2015 election page for some inspiration (not the video at the top, the other ones). Those videos ARE NOT part of the contest, i.e. you WON'T be competing against them. 


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