Am I in the Top 10?

Some people are wondering whether they'd fall in the Top 10, by vote total, after we've done our best to clear fake votes. This question is important with regards to one (or more?) contest resolution options that involve the Top 10. 


Unfortunately I won't be able to answer that until after we decide how to proceed (it'll take some time to figure out, and I'd prefer to not have to spend it unless I know that's the highest-rated suggestion).  

This is a situation where you'll have to decide what's most fair, and not necessarily what's best for your videos. 

Will the four that were disqualified be included back in the top 10?


Actually, we never formally disqualified any of the videos, because we weren't sure who was actually responsible for the fake votes coming in. I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. As I say in the associated suggestions, we'll first do our best to clear out all fake votes (with an estimated 80-90% confidence level). Then, all submitted videos will be eligible to benefit from whichever option you all decide (except for one video which was voluntarily withdrawn from the Peoples' Choice contest for other reasons). 

What measures will you take to ensure only video creators will be able to vote on this process?

In light of the recent circumstances, could you please explain the measures you'll be taking to ensure that only the video creators will be able to vote on this process, and not anyone with the link in this email?


It's much simpler this time because we begin with a list of approved voters/email addresses. In the event that fake ratings start coming in (a) I would be ticked off, but (b) I could clear those out easily in a spreadsheet with 100% confidence after voting closes. 

The problem with the earlier public voting process was that it was difficult to tell who was fake and who was not, and maintain that in real-time.

The bottom line is that we can guarantee the integrity of this process, even if it means I have to call every last one of you to confirm your rankings (I don't anticipate I'll actually need to do that)

I've noticed some people have voted more than once on each suggestion. What's up with that?


What you're seeing is what's called the "activity stream" below each suggestion. In some cases when you see people vote multiple times they're simply switching their ranking. That's normal. 

If you see someone applying the same ranking twice in a row they may simply be trying to confirm their ranking. 

In any case, in contrast to the earlier sabotaged voting process, we're talking about a small pool of approved voters here. Duplicate rankings will not slip past us, and I'll use the most recent ranking provided by each person when tallying the scores. 

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