Meet Eduardo Sasso

Eduardo.jpgMeet Eduardo Sasso, whose company helped Gen Squeeze crowd source the design for our benefits program (think seniors' discounts, but for all ages). Says Eduardo, "I see Gen Squeeze as...[enabling] us to recover a sense of ownership in several issues that make life worth living"

1. Tell me a bit about your company Ethelo Decisions, and what you do there.

Think of a survey: it’s essentially an individualistic and disjointed collection of ballots that eventually get thrown into a black box, without one really knowing what others think, or how (or if) one’s input helped to solve a problem. In an age of transparency and decentralization, well, that’s kind of impersonal and passé.

In contrast, think of a problem-solving platform that enables social dialogue, on the one hand, but whose algorithm also collects multiple insights in order to find highly supported decisions (while simultaneously factoring in operational criteria, such as budgets and staff time). Now, that’s a technical answer to what Ethelo is. In simple terms, picture it as a survey on steroids: an intuitive and participatory forum that engages people in a shared voting and dialogue experience – very much the next step in the evolution of decision-making.

Among other things, I basically deploy this tool to meet diverse organizational needs, while providing insight and support to optimize digital engagement strategies.

2. How did you come to be involved with Generation Squeeze?

Our CEO asked whether I wanted to be involved in setting up the Ethelo platform for a GenSqueeze project. After participating in an initial discovery meeting, the initiative immediately (and surprisingly) resonated with where I am at in life. So I was glad to jump in – not only by assisting with our professional services – but also on a personal level once I understood the valuable contributions GenSqueeze is trying to advance.

3. How does “the Squeeze” show up for you in your day-to-day life? What excites you about Gen Squeeze?

Whether you want to buy or simply rent, property prices have skyrocketed. Virtuously-grown and more fairly-traded food also comes with a price (and with good reasons). Many jobs are either increasingly specialized or without much prospect for personal advancement. Living in Vancouver is hard work – especially for those in my generation who have been taught that politics is essentially about ticking the ballot box every four or five years and expecting the market to do the rest. But it’ hasn’t – at least as far as my peers and friends are concerned.

In line with Ethelo’s participatory approach, I see GenSqueeze as an engaging ground-level initiative that enables us to recover a sense of ownership in several issues that make life worth living. Traditional party politics require fresh, emerging approaches that actually represent the interests of their constituents; and this is what GenSqueeze, in my view, is bringing to the table. Right on time.

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