The Homes First Bedrock Policy Principle 

"The primary purpose of our real estate market must be the efficient supply of suitable homes for people to live in (as renters or owners)."

(Returns on real estate investments are great, but this must come second to our ability to find suitable homes within reach of what we can earn). 

Why Homes First? The housing affordability crisis is complex, and meaningfully tackling it requires a combination of bold new policy interventions from all three levels of government. We're eager to debate and champion specific policies. However, we also think it's time to zoom out and establish some big picture common ground about the primary purpose of our housing markets. Clear first principles lead to better specific policies. Learn more by reading our Open Letter


Homes First Endorsements 

In addition to our Homes First petition (open to all), we're featuring endorsements for our Homes First principle from organizations, notable individuals and elected representatives. We're just getting started...(thank you for your patience)! If you or your organization would like to endorse the bedrock principle of Homes First please read our Open Letter.

Endorsing Organizations 

  • YMCA of Greater Vancouver (via CEO Steve Butz) - The YMCA is building a community in which a generation of children and families reach their full potential.  Housing accessibility is getting in the way of raising a healthy kid, community and family, and the YMCA of Greater Vancouver is glad to stand behind this principle. Check out their important work here.

  • Tiny House Listings CanadaWhen it comes to having a decent place to call home, many people across Canada are running out of options. Affordable and diverse forms of housing are essential to building strong and vibrant communities. Tiny House Listings Canada offers a range of micro-living solutions -- check them out here

  • Abundant Housing Vancouver - We are pro-housing group that supports additional housing of all types in Metro Vancouver – because when housing choices are limited, the wealthy always win. To learn more, please visit our FAQ or check out this Globe and Mail article.

Endorsements from Notable Individuals 

  • Jonathan Rhys Kesselman, Professor at Simon Fraser University’s School of Public Policy, and Canada Research Chair in Public Finance - You can read a summary of Professor Kesselman's proposal for a progressive property tax surcharge here

Endorsing Politicians (municipal, provincial & federal)

  • Gregor Robertson, Mayor, City of Vancouver - See his video endorsement of Homes First here. Thanks to the Mayor for hosting a breakfast with Gen Squeeze allies to listen to their housing squeeze stories, and responding directly by lighting up City Hall in #CodeRed colours, implementing the Empty Homes Tax as a first step to operationalize the Homes First principle in municipal policy, and committing to open up single-detached zoning so enough suitable homes are built at prices that remain in reach for what younger generations earn. More info here.

  • Jeremy Loveday, Councillor, City of Victoria - "We are facing an acute housing crisis in the City of Victoria. It is crucial that the housing market is regulated in a way that puts homes first, ahead of speculation and short term vacation rentals." Learn more about Councillor Loveday here

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