Meet Eric

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Goal: $100.00

Eric's a proud Backer of the Code Red campaign, a grassroots effort to address the housing crisis in many of our communities. Here's Eric's story:

My wife and I live in Victoria. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate in that we were able to buy a house in late 2014. The only way that was possible was with help from my grandmother and mom. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to afford a downpayment. With 3 bed and 1 bath it's plenty, we hope, to raise a family in.

The caveat is now we’re sitting on $400,000 in debt. We’re cutting costs wherever we can to chip that down. Precarious work is definitely an issue for our household.

All around us, the housing market has gone crazy in Victoria. Bidding wars and no-conditions offers seem to be the norm. There are stories about overseas investors purchasing 50 properties at once. Who can compete with that kind of cash? Friends and acquaintances are already thinking of giving up. 

Things are getting out of control, and we need our politicians to step up. I work for Gen Squeeze, so this issue is both professional AND personal. Please help me reach my own little target as our collective campaign pushes for change. 

Eric's launched this personal fundraising page to help push for change. All contributions are being used to pay for organizers and materials (window signs, online tools, event materials, etc.).

Our initial focus is getting meaningful action & commitments from B.C.'s politicians in advance of the 2017 election. Our first bedrock principle: Homes First.

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