Happy 1-Year Anniversary!

Right now we’re celebrating the 1-year anniversary of our first ever Benefits offer: a deal with the Credit Unions of BC. That’s the one where you can get up to $200 just for joining a local B.C. credit union! Get hooked up here: https://getyourshare.ca/gensqueeze

We know B.C.’s economy isn’t performing well for young adults, and we’re working hard on that. But in the meantime, our benefits program is about getting you a better deal in the marketplace to help make those daily ends meet. In just the first year, our Credit Unions of BC deal has already paid out $4,500 to Gen Squeeze and its supporters (mostly to you!), with another $5,500 in the queue -- that’s amazing!

We have more exciting benefits coming up in 2017 that we can hardly wait to tell you about. But what are we missing? We want to know what other deals you think we should have on offer.

Erin Robinson is our Benefits program master negotiator. Write us back with your ideas for deals and she’ll see what we can do to further ease your squeeze in 2017!

So what's the difference between credit unions and regular banks? Credit unions are values-based co-operatives, they’re owned by their members and they’re democratically controlled. The profits are shared. They support local communities and the environment better than regular banks. Check out these videos to learn more: http://www.gensqueeze.ca/cu_videos

The idea behind our Benefits program is to pool our influence, save you time and money, and help you live more sustainably. Van City has played a huge part in making all this possible and we’re grateful for their support! Click through to see what other Gen Squeeze Benefits are available to you: http://www.gensqueeze.ca/benefits

Did we mention that if you sign up for the credit union Benefit, Gen Squeeze will also be given $50, which we'll use to lobby for affordability on behalf of young Canadians? Oh yeah. Everybody wins! 

Happy Anniversary ❤️

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  • commented 2017-03-17 08:29:22 -0700
    Ad a person that was raised in Kits when I was a child then mover to NYC there is a attitude that you must live in the core which is ridiculous you live in a outer borough
    No one starts off living in the Upper east side no you go to Brooklyn or the bronx Vancouver is similar
    As for price my dad bought a building in kits for 80,000 which has apreciated just like in TriBeCa where you could have bought a building 25 years a go for 500,000 now a condo in that same building is a million
    You are not intitled and its not a human right to buy in the city
    As a milenial myself too many canadians seem entitled especially Vancouverites which is not uncommon

“Yes, Canadian governments need to make younger people a priority. I want a Canada that works for all generations."

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Happy 1-Year Anniversary!
Happy 1-Year Anniversary!
New national lobby group seeks to increase influence of Canadians in their 20s, 30s and 40s
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