Meet Erin Robinson, our VP of Corporate Partnerships and Member Benefits

machu_pichu_web.jpgWe're incredibly excited to announce the addition of Erin Robinson to the Gen Squeeze team. Erin will be leading the development arm of Generation Squeeze, with a focus on negotiating member benefits and partnerships to advance our mission and generate revenue. 

Erin's role with Gen Squeeze is a secondment made possible by Vancity Credit Union. Vancity is committed to community-based support of young people, and to providing their employees with creative opportunities to expand their skills. At Gen Squeeze, we're incredibly grateful for the belief Vancity has shown in us, and we're keen to grow and learn lessons, together. 

In Erin's words 

At Gen Squeeze we believe individuals in their 20s, 30s and 40s are experiencing a 360 degree squeeze:

  • High tuition
  • Unaffordable housing and daycare 
  • Deteriorating employment security, wages and retirement benefits 
  • Larger government debts 
  • Environmental burdens 

We want to squeeze back by engaging young people politically, with each other and with like-minded partners, to influence policy and help them adapt to their new realities. 

This is my generation and these are my issues, and I believe the ability to solve these will take "more than an app." I think businesses can play a huge role working creatively to support young people to overcome these challenges, and learn a ton along the way. 

In my 11 years with Vancity I've worked in many different areas of the co-op. I started as a microfinance program manager and moved to the Vancity Community Foundation as a community programs manager. Returning to Vancity, I've served as a People Solutions impact and innovation consultant, a CMS small business team manager and most recently as a Community Business operations manager. 

There is a common thread through all my work (my "Why" if you will): fundamental to everything I've done is the notion of access. By focusing on removing barriers, my work helps members, employees and global citizens thrive and prosper in their work and lives. 

To achieve this I always try to remember a few things - "start with why," know your audience, listen to what they say and trust the data. 

My love for travel has allowed me to work and study around the globe. Locally, I can be found walking the seawall, reading, enjoying a yoga class or visiting my family on the Gulf Islands. 

My ask of you 

I would love to hear how the squeeze is hitting you. If you are a Gen Squeezer or Gen Squeeze supporter, tell us what's squeezing you by completing our survey. 

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  • commented 2016-03-21 16:12:00 -0700
    Remember all civil servants are not politicians! We have a new Government now lets see what they will do before painting them all with the same brush!

  • commented 2016-03-21 10:51:07 -0700
    On behalf of both Erin’s, thanks Frank! I can totally agree with you that Education remains an important tool for creating a vibrant society. Yet cuts in operating dollars have lead many post-secondary institutions across Canada to cut programs, raise tuition and eliminate staff and faculty positions to balance budgets. This is what investing in our collective future looks like?

  • commented 2016-03-17 16:54:59 -0700
    Good Job Erin, good Job ! I totally understand, the Government darn straight should govern, as such, get on board making post-secondary education available to ALL families that cannot afford it themselves. I am 50+ and squeezed through, I can certainly see the gaps and voids, that need serious consideration TODAY. Without doing the research, I can guess Canada is lagging far behind when it comes to education support. We should be viewing education just like infrastructure management, “we’ll get you now, or we’ll get you later “ Govern, Manage, Oversee, Organize, Administer !! This is what Tax Moneies are supposed to cover and pay for !! Not over bloated Civil Servant pay, double salaries what ?, why ? and for what exactly ? Huge pension parachutes never mind the FAT Senators blatantly ripping off hard earned Tax dollars for even greater personal gain. GET REAL CANADA !!! We obviously just lost well, threw away, another 600K minimum that should have gone into Educating our successors !

  • commented 2016-03-09 09:22:52 -0800
    Hi Erin! Thanks so much for your comment and let me say #itsnotjustyou Time and time again I hear this same sentiment, “I’m working harder for less”, and its compounded by this feeling that “its all my fault, if only I’d worked harder I would be ok”. But that’s not true. There is something bigger going on, and governments have been slow to adapt. Thanks for joining us and reach out to me anytime with suggestions on how we can help.

  • commented 2016-02-27 11:37:23 -0800
    So glad we’ve got you Erin! I have a new squeeze – my health. It’s probably not a life-threatening illness, but it will be serious, invasive surgery and possible follow up treatments that could keep me away from work for months. I’m really lucky – my employer offers up to 6 months paid sick leave. I have battled mental illness since my 2nd pregnancy and have had way too much stress. I can’t help but think a combination of the busy life, stress of being the only breadwinner in the family, paying student loan debt, living in Vancouver, and my mental health have all played a role in this illness. What is the healthcare cost to society of the squeeze on us?!

“Yes, Canadian governments need to make younger people a priority. I want a Canada that works for all generations."

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Meet Erin Robinson, our VP of Corporate Partnerships and Member Benefits
Meet Erin Robinson, our VP of Corporate Partnerships and Member Benefits
New national lobby group seeks to increase influence of Canadians in their 20s, 30s and 40s
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