Our Benefits Program Takes Shape

UBC-Design.jpgEarlier this season we launched a benefits program to ease your day-to-day squeeze (think seniors' discounts, but for all ages), and we relied on the Gen Squeeze network to help design it. Almost 400 people took the time to share which benefits would help them the most in a wide-ranging survey. And behind the scenes, we had an awesome team of UBC students helping out

A big thank you to Hailie, Mustafa, Anastasia, Elias and Ruheen (left to right in the pic) of UBC’s Design Studio program for all their help! You’ll learn more about these folks and their own journeys in time.

Our benefits program is all about pooling our influence in the marketplace to save you time and money, and help us all live more sustainably. While the window to participate in our survey has closed, there’s still time for you to tell us what kind of benefits would help you the most (just add a comment below).

Here’s what we’ve heard from the Gen Squeeze network:

  • Housing, by far, is your biggest pain point (surprise, surprise). So big we'll be increasing its priority in our lobbying efforts. More to come on this!

  • Telecommunications, particularly finding packages that provide adequate data, continue to cut into your tight budgets. Great news here – we’ve just announced a new benefit with PBC who can help with this!

  • Sustainable forms of transit are super important to you, and a big part of your budget. We've got good news here, too: we've since negotiated car share deals in 5 locations across Canada. 

  • Savings was a tricky one. While most of you agreed you would like assistance here, we also heard how hard it is to save on a tight budget.  We totally get it, but still think there are ways we can help. In the meantime, if you live in BC, be sure to take advantage of our BC Credit Unions offer

  • Many of you do not have the health insurance you need to keep you and your families healthy. This one will take a bit of work, but we’re on it!

  • Given the choice, you prefer local food, but you find it often comes with an unaffordable premium. For some, any help with savings with regards to food budgets would help.

We'll be announcing more benefits as they come on line throughout 2016. Be sure to share these benefits with your friends – the more folks who join Gen Squeeze, the better the deals we'll be able to negotiate.

Oh, and by the way if you participated in the survey, we’ll be emailing the gift card winners shortly – check your inbox!

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Gen Squeeze benefits: think seniors' discounts, but for all ages.
Our Benefits Program Takes Shape
New national lobby group seeks to increase influence of Canadians in their 20s, 30s and 40s
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