"I save $255 — AND get an extra 2GB of data."

Ok we’ve got proof! Saving money really is easy when you’re a Gen Squeeze supporter.

In addition to our political advocacy, we try to help ease your squeeze through our Benefits program (think seniors’ discounts, but for all ages), and we just received some awesome feedback from one of our members about their experience saving big bucks through our PBC cell phone plan offer.

Here’s what Ben W. had to say:

“I just recently paid my first reduced phone bill thanks to the Gen Squeeze benefit. Before switching to the Gen Squeeze group cell phone rate I was on a prehistoric phone plan that cost $60/month — without ANY data. I now pay $55/month and have 3GB of data.

“The process looked like it was going to be difficult, but it was actually incredibly smooth! The PBC support was super fast and efficient.

"To get on this new phone plan I had to pay the balance that was still on my phone plan ($90), a plan switch fee ($35) and a yearly membership to PBC ($50/year). Adding 1GB of data to my previous plan would have cost me an additional $15/month (totaling $75/month). Even with these initial fees I discovered that over the duration of a two-year contract I would save $255 — not to mention get an extra 2GB of data.”

I’m not gonna lie, I saw this deal a while back but didn’t get around to it. Ben’s review reignited my interest, so just last week I signed up and switched over too — and it really was as smooth as Ben describes. I really should have gotten around to this sooner!

Three things that will be handy for you:

Happy money saving!

---> Oh wait! Did we mention there’s a $100 credit for new signups on 2-year contracts? Yeah this deal is pretty ridiculous. Erin Robinson is our member benefits master negotiator. Huge thanks to you, Erin!

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  • commented 2017-03-07 12:54:38 -0800
    The area where money (695 billion, since the 70’s) is via corporate subsidized welfare (per report by Fraser Institute-aired on CBC). Taxpayers as this study shows,can no longer tolerate being used as the go-to source to socialize corporate/bank liabilities and costs, while capitalizing/privatizing all profits…..This insanity must stopped, governmental subsidies of for corporate type must be fully audited and paid back in full (deferral system is unjustified).
    Currently corporations/banks take subsidies, as well as far too low tax rates and demand annual tax cuts at whim. All while most taxpayers have seen no growth in real income terms for decades..

    .Maybe its time for taxpayers to utilize a easily created system of paying for the programs and services, they are known to need, as proven over time. Leaving corporations and banks, etc to find their own growth funds for infrastructure and investment (or finally returning to competitive mode expected within the capitalist system)
    It seems as though the powers that be are only on alert/standby for the wealthy/business/elites, with their latest trend of taking from taxpayers to give those that could never justify such extreme greed when its without ‘need’ (in bank bailouts/bail-ins, along with ISDS and procurement goodies via government awarded contracts).

“Yes, Canadian governments need to make younger people a priority. I want a Canada that works for all generations."

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"I save $255 — AND get an extra 2GB of data."
"I save $255 — AND get an extra 2GB of data."
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