Dollars for Retirees. Pocket Change for Generation Squeeze

New Study provides first comprehensive platform comparisons during the campaign

Political parties don’t report the implications of their campaign promises by age – not even in the fully costed platforms released by the Big Three parties last week.  This can make it difficult for young and old alike to make sense of the dizzying array of daily promises made on the campaign trail.

Lack of clear information interferes with voter turnout among younger Canadians.  Our new study is designed to fix this problem.

BY THE NUMBERS:  a generational guide to voting in the 2015 federal election is the first non-partisan comprehensive comparison of party platforms ever published before an election that includes a careful analysis of the age implications of campaign promises.

The results show a striking age pattern common to all Parties.  The four national Parties all promise $18 to $20 billion in additional annual spending for the 18 per cent of Canadians who will be age 65+ in 2019. 

That’s more than Conservatives, NDP and Liberals invest for all of the 55 per cent of Canadians under age 45.  By comparison with the new dollars that Parties provide retirees, they invest pocket change in Generation Squeeze.

But there are significant differences in the amount of pocket change.  

For every new dollar the national parties will invest in each retiree by 2019/20, investments for each person under age 45 total only:

  • 18 cents from the Conservatives
  • 27 cents from the NDP
  • 28 cents from Liberals
  • 34 cents from the Greens

According to the platforms, the Conservatives will invest $7 to $10.5 billion less per year in Canadians under age 45 than the other parties because the Conservatives propose billions less investment in Employment Insurance, Infrastructure, Cash for families, Child care services, and Education.

Greens would invest $3.5 billion more in younger Canadians than the NDP and Liberals because Greens propose billions more investment in Infrastructure, Child care services, Postsecondary and Housing.

Generation Squeeze does not tell Canadians for which party to cast their vote.  But we do want more people to show up at the ballot box well informed.  Our new study supports this goal in tandem with 58 short Squeeze Back videos crowd-sourced from filmmakers across the country during the campaign.  With heart, humour and wit they convey a simple message: younger Canadians are doing what we can to ease the squeeze, and it's time our politicians did more, too.

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  • commented 2015-10-16 11:27:10 -0700
    Thank you for putting together this report GenSqueeze. Every Canadian should be reading this before they cast their vote on October 19th.

    What a stark difference in investment between generations. How can we expect stability, growth and prosperity in our society when we invest so little in the future of our country?

    I hate being the pessimist but I am not confident not only in my own future but also the future of my parents. How can I support them in retirement if I can barely support myself. Let alone even consider building a family.

    Something needs to change. I know it’s not going to be easy. But I am hopeful because this country is full of bright, innovative people and organizations that get it. I’ve seen it coast to coast. We need to support them and share their ideas and strategies so we can duplicate their efforts across Canada.

“Yes, Canadian governments need to make younger people a priority. I want a Canada that works for all generations."

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Dollars for Retirees. Pocket Change for Generation Squeeze
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