PODCAST: Intergenerational Equity on Beyond the Headlines

BTH.pngBeyond the Headlines, a student-lead radio show at the School of Public Policy & Governance (UofT), asked three experts to weigh in on intergenerational equity. Click Here to listen to their podcast.

Young people today face many barriers to financial stability including high tuition fees, housing prices and limited child care spaces. At the same time, there is an aging population in Canada and across North America with many seniors exiting the workforce. The result has primarily been government policies, especially in health care, leading to large increases in spending for services for seniors. Does this represent intergenerational inequality? Are young people being left behind by a system that disproportionately supports seniors?

Beyond the Headlines asked three experts to answer these questions:

Paul Kershaw, Founder of Generation Squeeze
Micheal Nicin, Director of Policy at the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) Advocacy
Colin Busby, Senior Policy Analyst specializing in healthcare financing at the C.D. Howe Institute

Listen Here

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“Yes, Canadian governments need to make younger people a priority. I want a Canada that works for all generations."

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PODCAST: Are young people being left behind? via @GenSqueeze
PODCAST: Intergenerational Equity on Beyond the Headlines
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