Structure and Team

Generation Squeeze is a national collaboration.  Vancity Community Foundation is the entity through which our charitable activities are delivered.  The Association for Generational  Equity (AGE) is the home for our social enterprise.  Research is coordinated by Dr. Paul Kershaw in his University of BC research and knowledge translation lab.



Paul Kershaw, Ph.D

Founder - Generation Squeeze

Paul Kershaw is the Founder of Generation Squeeze. He is a farmer morning and night. By day, he is a University of BC professor, public speaker, volunteer, and regular media contributor. Kershaw is one of Canada’s top thinkers about generational equity with Canadian Family magazine describing him as “the ‘Generation Squeeze’ guru.” He received the prize for Academic of the Year in 2016 from the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC.  Twice the Canadian Political Science Association has also awarded Kershaw national prizes for his research. “Armed with a laptop and a raft of statistics,” The Vancouver Province describes Kershaw as “a one-man road show trying to change BC one talk at a time.” Since Kershaw knows a one-man show will never be enough, he’s suiting up and spreading out with tens of thousands across the country to ensure Canada works for all generations. At the University of BC, Kershaw is a policy professor in the School of Population and Public Health and faculty member of the Human Early Learning Partnership.

Contact:, 604-827-5393


Erin D. Robinson

V.P. Corporate Partnerships and Member Benefits 
On secondment from Vancity Credit Union

A credit union lifer, Erin Robinson is delighted to be “on loan” to Generation Squeeze from Vancity, as she is well aware of how the squeeze shows up for many young Canadians through her work within the Canadian Credit Union movement. Her extensive background at Vancity includes managing several teams; including the Business Operations group and the Small Business Specialist team, as well as work on several of Vancity’s award winning programs in Diversity, Microfinance and Financial Literacy. Fundamental to all her work has been the notion of access; by focusing on removing barriers, these programs help members, employees and citizens to thrive and prosper in their work and life. She has worked, travelled and studied extensively throughout the globe and her professional experience is complemented by credentials in Business, Community Economic Development and a Masters in Adult Learning and Global Change from UBC. A recipient of several awards, Erin is also a faculty member at Capilano University’s School of Business and a board member with the Canadian Cooperative Association.




Amara Possian

Code Red Campaign Lead (GTA)

Amara is leading the Code Red campaign in Toronto and works with a number of organizations to build purpose-driven, engaged, and resilient teams who can take bold action. She has a background in designing and running campaigns and deliberative processes, as well as in media relations, non-profit governance, facilitation, and digital engagement.

She has worked with progressive organizations for a decade, most recently as Leadnow's Campaign Manager. While at Leadnow, she managed Vote Together, a 2015 election campaign that integrated sophisticated digital tools and a deep field organizing effort.

She chairs the board of the Centre for Story-based Strategy and has a Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation where she explored the links between social justice, social innovation, and reconciliation.




Eric Swanson

Executive Director - Generation Squeeze

Eric Swanson holds a Bachelors degree in Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology (First Class Honours) from the University of Calgary. Combined with a minor in Geology, Eric was developing a specialty in Geomicrobiology, and had plans of leveraging that expertise into a long-shot application to become an astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency.

However, on the cusp of pursuing a Masters Degree, the situation here on Earth: climate change, biodiversity collapse, and profoundly unsustainable economies led Eric to abandon that path and start another in Canada’s non-profit sector. He began volunteering (for the Sierra Legal Defence Fund), and organizing students to protest the destruction of caribou habitat in Alberta’s foothills, along with the wider impacts of oilsands extraction. During his seven years at B.C. non-profit Dogwood Initiative - committed to advancing more local control over lands and resources - he occupied increasingly senior roles and gained extensive experience in non-profit leadership, strategy, communications, lobbying, and political and corporate campaigning. 
Eric is guided by an overarching lesson that our democracy belongs to those who organize and show up. In his early thirties, he and his peers are joined by millions of hard-working, resourceful young Canadians who are worried by rising costs, stagnant wages and mounting private and public debts and he's dedicated to work with them to develop a more powerful voice in policy and politics.  

Contact:, 250-661-7112



Lyndsey Easton

VP Communications & Code Red Campaign Lead (B.C.)

Lyndsey Easton specializes in writing and strategy, with a journalism diploma from SAIT Polytechnic and communications degree from Royal Roads. She has a wealth of experience working on social justice, environmental and political campaigns in the nonprofit sector. Lyndsey's lived all over B.C. and Alberta, but found her favourite community when she moved to Victoria in 2007.




Gen Squeeze Advisory

The Gen Squeeze Advisory Board is in development.  It currently consists of the Executive Director of the Vancity Community Foundation, and the Directors of the Association for Generational Equity. 

Derek Gent

Executive Director - Vancity Community Foundation

Derek proudly leads Vancity Community Foundation, an arms-length public charity associated with the members of Vancity Credit Union in BC. Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has grown to more than $50MM, including 120+ Donor Advised Funds and a core endowment, modelling a progressive approach to investing the assets, making grants and directly delivering collaborative programs with a focus on sustainable development rather than aid. Building on the values, tradition and capacity of the relationship to a $20 billion, 500,000 member financial cooperative, VCF has pioneered a number of innovations in Canadian philanthropy and impact investing, with a particular strength in supporting social enterprises and community owned real estate initiatives in our region.

AGE Board


Paul Kershaw, Ph.D

Executive Chair 

Paul is the Executive Chair of the Board.  The “Executive” role signals that he works side-by-side with Executive Director Eric Swanson to lead the national headquarters of Generation Squeeze.  Paul also leads the research agenda that informs our national group’s policy recommendations.

Contact:, 604-827-5393


Anita Minh

Anita joined Generation Squeeze after completing her master’s in epidemiology at UBC with support from a Banting and Best Master’s Award from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. As a researcher and advocate, Anita focuses her professional and public service activities on addressing health and social inequities faced by young people.  She examines the health implications of housing, employment, neighbourhoods, service delivery, and income inequality for children and their families. She is an avid supporter of Generation Squeeze. She considers her mother and father to be her biggest sources of inspiration.

Stephanie Goudriaan 

Photo and bio coming soon...


Volunteers and Other Contributors 

While short on staff, Gen Squeeze is strong on volunteers. Some organize locally in their communities. Some contribute to national work. Some do both. Our volunteers doing national work include (but are not limited to)...

Communications & Editorial Team 


Andrea Long 

General Editor

Andrea Long works closely with Paul as a volunteer to develop and refine a wide range of Gen Squeeze research and communication materials for members and for the media. Andrea has been an active supporter of Gen Squeeze from its earliest days, so she has had the pleasure of seeing it grow from just an idea to a national movement.  In the time Andrea does not spend working in the public health community and volunteering for Gen Squeeze, you will find her immersed in two other passions: local food production on her farm in Pitt Meadows, and riding the horses who make a big contribution to keeping this food fertilized. 

jennifer_fox.jpgJennifer Fox, MEd

Twitter and Facebook Editor 
Founding member (AGE) 

Jennifer Fox coordinates Gen Squeeze social media activities. With an educational background in teaching and international development, Jennifer’s skills as an effective communicator lend themselves perfectly to her role on the Gen Squeeze team. These skills have been cultivated through her many years of work in public schools and non-profit organizations in Canada and in developing countries across Asia and Africa. As a social justice activist Jennifer spends much of her work and volunteer time advocating for increased localized community engagement and evidenced-based changes to public policy at all levels of government.

Contact:, 604-822-0559


Information Technology Support 


Matthew Ellis 

IT Support  

Matthew volunteers for Gen Squeeze.  He draws on almost 20 years of experience to resolve IT issues for the organization. When not deep in IT, he spends his time with his family biking around Vancouver.

Research Support


Lynell Anderson, CPA, CGA

Public Policy Researcher & Community Engagement Specialist 
Founding member (AGE)

Drawing on 30 years of experience as a Certified General Accountant in the voluntary, public and private sectors, Lynell analyzes and utilizes financial information to promote public accountability, engage communities and advocate for evidence-informed change. Her research and advocacy activities focus on public policies that advance the rights of children, women and families, especially with respect to child care services. An active listener, facilitator and presenter, Lynell is often a guest lecturer at post-secondary institutions and has taught Public Sector Financial Management for the CGA Associations of BC and Canada. In 2010 Lynell was awarded the United Way of the Lower Mainland Excellence in Action Early Childhood Development Award for both her research and advocacy efforts. In 2012, as a member of a Canadian NGO delegation to Geneva, she shared her research and public reporting expertise with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Lynell also played a leadership role in the development of the Generation Squeeze Campaign while employed by UBC. 


Gen Squeeze Research & KT Lab

Andrew Leyland Andrew Leyland

Andrew Leyland is a master's student in the School of Population and Public Health at UBC. He joined the Generation Squeeze team after working in health policy for the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He is strongly committed to improving the social determinants of health and discovering policy solutions that help build healthy, equitable societies. Andrew is also concerned by the increase in precarious labour among young Canadians, and the erosion of stable, gainful employment. While he is not researching population health policies related to Gen Squeeze, Andrew can be found hanging out at the local rock climbing gym, or exploring the coast on his bicycle.


Andrea Stucchi

Andrea Stucchi

After graduating with a BA in Political Science from UBC, Andrea’s passion for politics and social justice lead her to the Generation Squeeze Campaign.  Feeling the squeeze of rising housing costs, and mounting student loan debts, she believes younger Canadians need a stronger voice.  Through the pursuit of a Masters of Science with the School of Population and Public Health at UBC, Andrea hopes to contribute to research on the issue of generational equity in public policy.



Anita Minh

Anita joined Generation Squeeze after completing her master’s in epidemiology at UBC with support from a Banting and Best Master’s Award from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. As a researcher and advocate, Anita focuses her professional and public service activities on addressing health and social inequities faced by young people.  She examines the health implications of housing, employment, neighbourhoods, service delivery, and income inequality for children and their families. She is an avid supporter of Generation Squeeze. She considers her mother and father to be her biggest sources of inspiration.

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Structure and Team
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