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Generation Squeeze is a charitable Think and Change Tank promoting wellbeing for all generations. We're championing generational fairness to preserve what Canadians hold sacred—a healthy childhood, home and planet—so we all leave a proud legacy.

How can we be better ancestors?

Generations love one another within families. We want to bring that love into the world of politics.

Love motivates families to care for all generations. We want to bring that motivation into the world of politics.

THINK Generational unfairness is a root cause of unaffordable housing, the high cost of raising a family, mounting climate risks, growing government debt, and rising medical costs that crowd out investments in wellbeing. The Gen Squeeze Knowledge Mobilization Lab at UBC researches these issues and creates policy solutions. Our budget analyses and voters guides evaluate how government leaders are tackling generational unfairness.

CHANGE The Gen Squeeze Charity turns policy solutions into action. We share evidence to shape public dialogue. We build coalitions to push for change. And we advise governments about the bold steps needed to make Canada work for all generations. That’s how we help to rejuvenate democracy.

JOIN No single person can fix Canada’s generational system. We need to work together to disrupt a status quo that’s harming younger and future generations and undermining the legacy older generations are leaving for the kids and grandkids they love. Joining our network grows our power to push for policy change.

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Feeling squeezed?

Hard work doesn't pay off like it used to. Younger Canadians go to school longer, to land jobs that pay less, only to face runaway housing costs.

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Feeling squeezed?
Worried about our legacy?

Worried about your legacy?

Every grandparent wants a better life for their kids and grandkids. But that’s not the legacy older Canadians are leaving.

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Our Hard Truths videos and podcast explain more about why our generational system is broken and how to fix it.