Tell federal parties: Younger Canadians need affordable homes
Housing should be treated as a place to call home, not a way to get rich.

Canada’s housing market is out of control and people in their 20s, 30s and 40s are feeling the squeeze.

Whoever wins the October federal election must take real action to ensure all Canadians – including younger ones – have a good, affordable place to live.

Sign the petition and tell federal parties to commit to action that ensures ALL Canadians can afford a good home.

We know the causes of our housing crisis. For too long, housing regulations incentivized speculation, investors and house flippers. Prices are inflated by money laundering and foreign buyers. Our governments haven’t taken enough action to change outdated zoning rules, mortgage regulations, or how they tax housing and land wealth.

But change is possible. 

When you sign this petition alongside other concerned Canadians, you're helping put solutions to the housing crisis at the centre of each party’s election platform. This means whoever wins is accountable to their promise.

Sign the petition right now! Gen Squeeze will deliver your signatures to federal parties to show that Canadians are demanding action to make housing more affordable. 

Yes! I want federal parties to commit to making homes affordable.

Add your signature! Together, we can get federal parties to commit to policies that make sure ALL Canadians have a good home.

Goal: 3,500
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Why this petition?


Homes in Canada cost up to 4x what a typical younger person can afford, according to Gen Squeeze research. 40% of Canadians face unaffordable rent. Many of them are under the age of 50.

Everyone knows the high cost of living is a major concern for younger Canadians. Political parties are looking for ideas about how to solve these problems – and Gen Squeeze has answers!


Why now?


It's the federal election! And whichever party wins, we need them to take serious action on housing affordability.

Political parties are deciding right now how they would solve the housing crisis, if elected. But none of the parties have put forward a plan yet that could close the gap for young CanadiansNow's the time to make your voice heard.

With thousands of signatures, we can deliver a clear message to all federal parties: it's time to commit to making homes affordable for ALL Canadians.

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Four Key Commitments

For all Canadians to be able to afford a good home, housing platforms should include these four commitments, which together create a comprehensive framework for solving the problem:


A guiding principle of Homes First

To help ensure all housing policy treats housing as a place to call home, not a way to get rich


A National Housing Strategy Phase II

To serve ALL Canadians struggling to find a good home, including all 1.7 million Canadians currently in core housing need (the current NHS aims to help ~500,000 people)


A goal to achieve that ☝️ (helping ALL Canadians afford a good home) by 2030

Which is already the goal of Canada’s arms-length national housing agency


Commit to comprehensive — NOT partial — action

Because partial action like only focusing on supply or demand can make things worse


  • Action to strengthen the current NHS (social and community housing sector) 
  • Action to dial up the right supply
  • Action to dial down harmful demand
  • Action to address wealth inequalities created by housing (rebalance taxation)
  • Action to improve housing data
  • Action to protect people against a decline in prices


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Tell Our Politicians: Housing Should be for Homes First
Tell federal parties: Younger Canadians need affordable homes
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