What you get when you download the guide

Our mission is to help voters better understand how far each party's platform goes towards solving issues like housing affordability, climate change and more.

The Voter’s Guide is the result of years of Gen Squeeze research on how Canada can tackle big issues affecting younger (and in fact ALL) Canadians. 

Here's how it works:

  • Gen Squeeze created gameplans for tackling four major issues: housing affordability, climate change, family affordability and intergenerational budgeting
  • We evaluated the election platforms and commitments of four major federal parties: Conservatives, Greens, Liberals and NDP
  • We gave each party scores, based on how effective those commitments would be in helping achieve these goals

When you download the Voter's Guide, you'll get one sweet, simple infographic that shows the scores for each party, on every issue. The infographic makes it easy to see how effective each party's platform would be AND how the parties compare.

We'll also send you individual scorecards for each issue area that you can save to your phone or computer, for easy reference. 

Want to dive deep? Check out our detailed analyses to read more about the strengths and weaknesses of each party's platform and our scoring methodology.



What you DON'T get when you download the guide

This guide isn't telling you who to vote for, or aiming to portray any party in an inherently favourable or unfavourable light.

Our mission is to help voters cut through all the noise – the headlines, the commentary and the rhetoric – to better understand the potential impact of the policies each party is proposing. Research shows this kind of information is key to supporting civic engagement.



Why we're asking for your email address

Good question! This is important because the federal parties are still making announcements and their scores could change between now and when voting begins (Oct 11-14 and Oct 21). Gen Squeeze is continuously monitoring federal party commitments and announcements.

If a party makes an announcement that changes their scores, we'll update the Voter’s Guide and send it directly to you.

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