Younger generations and so many others have been hit hard by the economic impacts of the coronavirus. As our communities went into lockdown, we had to find ways to pay for housing and other major costs without enough income. We were forced to juggle caring for kids and doing our jobs. We watched summer positions evaporate as tuition fees rose. And we don’t know what comes next.

These struggles are so intense because of how close to the edge people were before the pandemic. Governments need to confront the ongoing squeeze facing younger and other people if they truly want to protect us from the economic and health crises we’ve become so vulnerable to.

Gen Squeeze is calling on governments to take leadership on issues that give all of us a better chance going forward. Let’s recover #BetterThanNormal.

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We can protect, support and lift up more people if we:


Rein in the cost of housing so that everyone can afford a good home, whether you rent or own.

It’s time for governments to make a clear, ambitious commitment to housing affordability for all, and take immediate action to get us there. (Check out our housing gameplan to learn more.)


Improve incomes so they’re in line with a lower cost of living.

Wages for younger people have been flat for decades, while many of us earn a living through precarious work. We join others in the call for a secure, living income for everyone, whether that’s through a universal basic income or other means.


Make it more affordable to raise a family.

The coronavirus has highlighted how important universal child care is for workers, a functioning economy, and gender equality. We also call for shorter work weeks and changes to parental leave that help families find the balance between work and family that’s right for them. (Learn more about our New Deal for Families.)


Protect us, and future generations, from the impacts of the climate emergency.

Climate change is a health, economic and environmental crisis in its own right. Rebuilding our communities and country should support Canada’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Gen Squeeze calls on governments to centre the Just Recovery principles in their recovery policy and spending decisions.

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These four priorities are based on the ideas people have shared with us over the last several weeks about how Canada can build back better.

Check out this short video and blog to hear some of the amazing crowdsourced ideas driving #BetterThanNormal.

Gen Squeeze is a voice for people in their 20s, 30s and 40s. But we aren’t alone in our struggles, and not everyone experiences these challenges equally. Canada’s affordability divide impacts everyone from younger people, to families, Black, Indigenous and other people of colour, to low-income workers, to new Canadians, to vulnerable seniors and more. Solutions for younger people are solutions for, and needed by, many.

Government action has been the main factor in how well different places have coped with the coronavirus. And it will be the main factor influencing how we bounce back from it.

We’re depending on government leadership – including smart policy and investment – to lead us to the future we want: a fairer, caring and more secure future for all. As we rebuild, let's redesign our systems so that they work for all of us.

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