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Generation Squeeze advocates for younger Canadians day in, day out, in the media, in the community and at all levels of government. Since last summer we've met with Justin Trudeau, provincial Finance Ministers, Mayors, and dozens of others. This graphic has the details.
We need to start reimagining how we tax the recent surge in housing wealth, especially compared to how we tax incomes, which have remained stagnant for many Canadians.
Today the Government of Ontario passed the Fair Housing Plan into law, including closing the 1991 rent loophole, after hearing from thousands of Gen Squeeze supporters.
Renoviction. Looky-loos. Mobs of rental viewers and applicants. You name it. Nadine experienced it all — and then some.
After receiving 3,000+ signatures from Gen Squeeze, the Ontario government closes the 1991 rent loophole that permitted limitless rent increases for many tenants.
Victoria city council has unanimously supported measures that'll make it easier to build garden suites. This win means: more diverse, secure rental options in Victoria, and application fees cut by $3,800 for homeowners.
These documentary film-makers from Oak Bay have a fascinating perspective on the affordability crisis, and they support measures to bring down the cost of housing.
The next provincial election in Ontario is fast-approaching. Since many citizens will cast their ballot for the party they believe will best steward the provincial economy, we wrote this report to showcase the performance of the Ontario economy relative to other provinces and over time.
Heading into the 2017 B.C. provincial election, we were hearing a lot about having Canada's strongest economy. We wrote this report to show that for young people, B.C. actually has the worst performing economy in Canada.
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