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Doug Ford's first budget makes progress in slowing down spending on medical care. But otherwise largely sets young people back
It’s time to recognize pollution is now among the greatest harm we can inflict on children and future generations.
Paying for pollution might feel like one more hand in our pocket, but we know we can’t solve our wallet problems by neglecting our climate problems.
The 2019 federal budget incorporates an intergenerational analysis for the first time! But going forward we need to ensure it doesn't miss the forest for the trees.
Will the 2019 federal budget make housing more affordable? Here's our in-depth analysis.
After years of work — and with help from thousands of Gen Squeeze supporters, MPs and staff — we've secured the first-ever intergenerational analysis in a federal budget.
When Canada's new carbon pricing regime came under legal attack, Gen Squeeze stepped up to help defend it.
We'll argue the federal government not only has the right to price pollution, they have a responsibility to do so, to avoid discriminating against younger Canadians.
Gen Squeeze supporter Kyle Empringham learned a lot carrying your voice to Ottawa to figure out how we can track Canada’s adaptation to climate change.
Voting is one of the most important things you can do if you're concerned about the housing crisis.
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News & Resources
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