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The BC NDP's upcoming “comprehensive housing strategy” will be a litmus test for the party’s many promises on housing affordability. Here are some things to watch for.
Is the giant age gap in public spending purely natural, or does it also reflect a political and cultural reluctance to actually invest in young people?
We need to make sure the B.C. government follows through on their commitments by investing at least $225M of B.C.'s 2018 budget in child care.
The BC NDP have promised to make life more affordable for British Columbians — during the election, in the throne speech, ministerial mandates, in the budget update. Here's what they'll need to do to deliver.
I don't even eat avocado toast! So why the heck can't I break into the housing market? Hint: things are very different than they used to be. And that's a fact.
On Nov. 19 we attended the BC Non-Profit Housing Association's Housing Central Conference Sector Supper, where we were thrilled to receive the Housing Champion 2017 award!
If younger Canadians want to afford a home of their own in Metro Vancouver or the G.T.A., they better start saving when they're in the womb.
Sure, life has always been hard. But here's the reality: in crucial ways, things are harder now than they were 30-40 years ago, when today's Baby Boomers were coming of age.
Many people who had to deal with crazy interest rates a generation ago think they had it bad. And they did. But these days things are worse, even on a monthly cost basis.
Most federal social spending supports retirement. Sure, it's great that we protect the health and financial security of Canadians as they age, but are younger Canadians getting the short end of the stick?
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