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Lucas Gallagher was evicted from his Vancouver home under the pretence that the building needed renovations. But those never occurred. Will the new RTB funding help stop illegal evictions?
In just a few weeks, nearly 3,000 of you signed the petition calling on City Council to take this step. We’ll be delivering your petition to Council at their meeting on October 2nd to make it loud and clear that thousands of residents support this idea.
More work required for child care, housing and generational equity.
Throne Speech Commits to Homes for People First, and Features Child Care.
As Generation Squeeze eagerly awaits the new BC NDP provincial budget, we're sharing our three priority issues as outlined in an August 3 memo to Finance Minister Carole James.
Together we’ve helped achieve significant wins in politics and the marketplace. And with our health benefit launching on Sept. 1, there's lots to be excited about!
B.C.'s new NDP government came to power partially on a wave of anger with how the previous government failed to address the affordability crisis. So, where we at? This strategy memo lays things out.
Some landlords are trying to get anything and everything they can out of young renters with no other options.
Is it time for elected officials to finally get serious about Metro Vancouver’s housing crisis?
Governments often judge the success of economies by economic growth rates. Ontario is currently performing reasonably well according to this metric, but blunt growth rates provide incomplete, and sometimes distracting signals about the success of an economy.
The tax is a necessary step in addressing the problem that Vancouver’s economy fails younger generations as home prices leave our earnings behind.
A Vacant Home Tax in the City of Toronto has the potential to transition thousands of existing homes into the rental supply within a twelve month period, and at no cost to the public purse.
When you’re being renovicted, competing with 500 rental applications flooding in within an hour, when you’re up against tyrant landlords and asbestos riddled units -- how do today’s young renters stand a chance?
We understand it’s hard to make meaning of political promises. For many, the differences between parties is as clear as the mud you find in a swamp. We can help.
In a 4-4 tie vote, Victoria city council has voted against the idea of bringing the 15% foreign buyers tax to the Capital Region. With Greater Vancouver and Toronto now covered by the tax, Greater Victoria's affordability crisis risks getting worse.
Premier Wynne’s budget record shows she tackles intergenerational problems more urgently than most premiers, and with national influence.
While more work remains, today was a great day for younger generations. GenSqueeze makes sense of the new Ontario Fair Housing Plan.
Generation Squeeze has prepared this study to showcase the performance of the Ontario economy relative to other provinces and over time. The results are clear and concerning: they show that Ontario is now the worst performing economy in Canada for younger generations east of the Rockies.
Right now we’re celebrating the 1-year anniversary of our first ever Benefits offer: a deal with the Credit Unions of BC. That’s the one where you can get up to $200 just for joining a local B.C. credit union!
We keep hearing great things about the B.C. economy, so we wrangled Stats Can to find out: Growth for WHAT? WHO is actually making bank in B.C.'s economy?
After releasing our "Rethinking Canadian Housing Policy" report, we convened a diverse mix of housing sector leaders to see what kind of principles we might come up with, together. The result: a newly-refined set of 10 principles for tackling the affordability crisis.
After chasing the Vancouver home ownership dream into the ground, Raza and his family had to relocate to Victoria. But driving young tech talent out of Vancouver is risky business.
According to the BC NDP, one of the big problems of the 2017 Budget “is that seniors weren’t even mentioned...” In fact, that’s not at all what the budget shows.
Secure a great job. Own a home. Keep more of our hard-earned money. That’s the promise of B.C. according to the current government. Problem is, that promise is becoming a fairy tale for younger generations
B.C.’s housing crisis is no laughing matter. But Valentine's Day kind of is! So we made these fun cards for you to share on social media where you can tag you local elected leaders.
You could choke on the irony: we have finally been able to purchase the family home, however, I don’t know if we’ll be able to afford a family any more.
Generation Squeeze's Dr. Paul Kershaw asks Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the challenges associated with housing affordability in Canada and if the federal government will ease the crisis with a national housing strategy.
We can reduce intergenerational tensions by factoring housing wealth more into how we measure people’s ability to pay for medical care.
Gen Squeeze is signing an open letter to the City of Vancouver that asks for more emphasis on affordability in an ongoing review of character home zoning
With skyrocketing housing costs in the GTA, do younger people just need to suck it up?
Loans for First Time Home Buyers? Give B.C.'s Premier and her government an A+ for good intentions. But they don’t get a passing grade for execution
Gen Squeeze might be able to save you a bit of time or money this holiday season. Check out our national cell phone plan, car share deals, and discounts on home insurance and Playland passes
With the support of Gen Squeeze allies and backers, we made significant progress in 2016. Here are some highlights
Compared to the start my parents had in life, I thought I’d be miles ahead by age 31
Gen Squeeze is looking to hire an experienced, passionate person or team/firm to help launch and grow our Code Red housing affordability campaign in the Greater Toronto Area
The CPP Investment Board shows how Canadians adapted the CPP to reduce risks to intergenerational fairness starting in 1997. As governments negotiate a new fed/prov Health Accord, is it time to ask why funding for health care hasn't adapted to to the same risks?
LandlordBC CEO, David Hutniak, partners with Generation Squeeze to create solutions to the #CodeRed crisis in rental housing supply.
Kill Chicago premieres the official video for their new single "Take The City" via student support organization Generation Squeeze. Directed by Don Levandier (The Motorleague), the video offers insight into the crushing effects of student debt on young Canadians.
Don't forget Gen Squeeze can help ease your transportation squeeze. We have car shares deals in 5 locations across Canada, in case you're considering your own transpo makeover.
Back in March we launched a national survey for you to tell us more about how we can ease your squeeze in your day-to-day lives, and you gave us some great tips. To tempt you (and acknowledge your squeezed time) we offered a chance to win one of three $250 My Treat Visa. You’ll get to meet all the winners, but first we’d like to introduce you to our winner on the West Coast – Kirstie.
Good news: With the new 15% tax on foreign buyers, the governing BC Liberals, who have been demonstrably slow off the mark on the housing crisis, seem to now be willing to take significant action!
Just as a dwindling salmon population signals the declining health of B.C.’s marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the housing challenges in Vancouver signal an imminent threat to the wellbeing of our province's young people
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Latest News & Resources (archive)
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