Building Housing Common Ground

Why we wrote this report 

When Generation Squeeze launched our CODE RED housing affordability campaign in May of 2016, we didn’t want to end up being just another lone voice in what is often a disjointed, reactive housing debate.

Certainly, we have our own specific policy ideas and we’ll continue to push those. However, what’s more important to us is revealing the common ground principles that tie diverse interests together and finding a way to reform our housing system from there.

Rather than settling for the lowest common denominator, we want to establish the highest principled common ground.

If you get a bunch of housing sector leaders in a room for a day, what can they all agree on?

To find out, we convened a diverse mix of 48 people from Metro Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto.

The group consisted of homebuilders, developers, non-profit housing providers, academics, mayors, councillors and senior planners, community groups, renter and landlord advocates, financial institutions, and people living through the housing squeeze. 

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Key takeaways 

Ten common ground principles for tackling the affordability crisis: 

  1. Support Bold Action
  2. Personal Responsibility to Adapt
  3. Collective Responsibility to Adapt
  4. Level the Playing Field Between Renters and Owners
  5. Innovate with New Tenure & Equity Models
  6. Channel Private Investment to Public Benefit
  7. Encourage Density, Diversity and Efficiency 
  8. Revise Tax Policy
  9. Go Beyond Housing Policy 
  10. Mobilize Younger Generations 

How you can use this report: 

Spark some big-picture thinking by sending this report to your local, provincial and federal elected representatives and/or people involved in housing policy (planners, analysts, etc). 

Media coverage:

  • Dr. Paul Kershaw discusses the common ground on the Simi Sara Show.

  • Session participants Beau Jarvis (Senior Vice President of Development at Wesgroup Properties) and Thom Armstrong (Executive Director of the Co-operative Housing Federation of B.C.) talk to CBC Early Edition about the importance of working together (scan to 1:41:10 in the player).


This report & and the associated event wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of:


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