Because you shouldn't have to turn your back on true love.

Sharing these Code Red Valentine's Day cards is easy! Just right click on the image below that you wish to use and select "Save As". You will then find it in your downloads. Alternately you can just drag and drop the images to your desktop.

  • Sharing the cards on your Facebook page: In your post type ‘@’ and then the name of the person or party you wish to tag. Do the same thing for your city name and you’ll see the links pop up. After you publish, the tagged accounts will be notified about your post.

  • Sharing the cards on Twitter: We dug up Twitter contact info for many of the elected leaders representing your community. Tag them and your city in your post, and throw in a couple hashtags: #bcpoli (B.C. politics), #VanRE (Vancouver real estate), #bcelxn17 (B.C. 2017 provincial election), #CodeRed, #Burnaby.

Some useful Twitter accounts for Burnaby residents to use:

  • City of Burnaby -- @CityofBurnaby

  • Councillor Pietro Calendino -- @burnabypietro

  • Councillor Burnaby Anne -- @AnneKangNDP

  • Burnaby North MLA Richard Lee -- @Richard_T_Lee

  • Burnaby-Edmonds MLA Raj Chouhan -- @rajchouhan

  • Burnaby-Deer Lake MLA Kathy Corrigan -- @kathycorrigan

  • Burnaby North-Seymour MP Terry Beech -- @terrybeech

  • New Westminster-Burnaby MP Peter Julian -- @MPJulian

  • BC Liberals -- @bcliberals

  • BC Liberal Caucus -- @BCLiberalCaucus

  • Housing Minister Rich Coleman -- @colemancountry

  • BC NDP -- @bcndp

  • BC NDP Caucus -- @BCNDPCaucus

  • Housing Critic David Eby -- @Dave_Eby

  • Federal Housing Minister Jean-Yves Duclos -- @jyduclos

For Facebook:

For Twitter:



Burnaby Valentine's Day Cards
Burnaby Valentine's Day Cards
Check out Generation Squeeze. I just joined.
B.C.’s housing crisis is no laughing matter. But Valentine's Day kind of is!
B.C.’s housing crisis is no laughing matter. But Valentine's Day kind of is!