Canada’s Gen Fairness budget is getting noticed around the world

We’re fortunate to be part of an international generational fairness movement. Canadians aren’t alone in wrestling with generational tensions on issues like housing, pensions, taxes and climate. Working in solidarity with inspiring global leaders is a powerful way to generate new ideas, strategies and solutions.

That’s why we’re delighted that our colleague from the UK’s Intergenerational Foundation, Liz Emerson, took the time to share her thoughts on the promise of generational fairness at the heart of Canada’s recent federal budget:

“For the first time, a Canadian government has promised “fairness for every generation” in its federal budget. It wasn’t just a passing phrase. It’s the title of Canada’s entire 430 page budget for 2024.

This is a massive win for intergenerational fairness in principle. Governments around the world should take note that Canada has placed such a high priority on fairness for every generation that it organised its fiscal framework around this principle.

It’s also a win for our good friends at Generation Squeeze. The team has worked tirelessly for more than a decade to raise the issue of intergenerational fairness within Canadian policymaking and wider society.”

Check out the full article on the Intergenerational Foundation website: Canada promises generational fairness.

Thanks Liz and the team at the Intergenerational Foundation for calling attention to Canada’s decision to name generational fairness as a key policy challenge for the 21st century, and for standing in solidarity with younger Canadians struggling with rising costs, stagnant wages, and an increasingly risky climate.



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