Canadaland clarifications

A few weeks ago I gave an interview with Jesse Brown from Canadaland on the topic of Generation Squeeze.

Jesse’s a sharp, funny broadcaster who bills himself as a critic of mainstream media. He’s currently looking for patrons to keep his show alive. It being my first live interview on the subject – GS expert Paul Kershaw normally takes these – I muddled a couple of things.

Some points of clarification:

  1. The parental leave component of our New Deal for Families is better than I thought. It actually anticipate and adapts to the challenges of precarious work by removing parental leave benefits from Employment Insurance so that they are available to the self-employed. We have even designed the policy details so that benefits would be available to Canadians who don’t report any income, at least for their first two children. Further details are available in our fact sheet.


  1. While I carry on about old age security (OAS) modifications at the end of the show, this is not a priority for Generation Squeeze. OAS modifications are certainly an option – and a controversial one – to free up some tax dollars, but for several reasons they are nowhere near the top of our list. Reasonable people will disagree on the best way to decrease the generational spending gap, but first we need broader agreement that the gap itself is a problem.

And it’s worth repeating that we’re not out to pit generations against each other, even while Jesse intentionally plays that conflict up ;)

Our vision is a Canada that works for all generations.

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Canadaland clarifications
Canadaland clarifications
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