"I support climate action because..."
Gen Squeeze is bringing the voices of younger generations to the Supreme Court of Canada to defend a national response to the climate crisis.

A 90s pop music giant once said: "My world's on fire, how bout yours?" (Yes, I’m suggesting that Smash Mouth’s “All Star” was clearly about climate change. Don't @ me.)

Seriously though. The world's on fire 🔥😱! As if 2020 wasn't already too much, climate change is smacking (smoking?) us in the face, saying: "Hey! You gonna do something about me now?!"

YES! In fact, we’re taking the fight to the Supreme Court next week!

That smoke-filled sky you see out your window or on your Instagram feed right now is brought to you by Climate Change™.

That’s why Gen Squeeze, leading a coalition of youth and health-focused organizations, is bringing the voices of young people to the Supreme Court of Canada on Sept. 22 and 23 to defend national climate action.


We’re up against Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, which are opposing national standards that require all provinces take steps to reduce carbon pollution, including by putting a price on it.

At the Supreme Court, we’ll argue that unified action is necessary to protect younger and future generations who will be hit hardest by climate change. If Canada is serious about dealing with the climate emergency and helping young people thrive, we need a price on carbon pollution that is supported by even bolder government leadership.


Our legal arguments sound a lot like the hundreds of reasons Gen Squeeze supporters have shared about why they support climate action. So we’ve turned these quotes into these gorgeous graphics that remind elected leaders why this Supreme Court review is so important.

We’re stoked to have collaborated with the crew at Geek Design to make the awesome climate action quote cards you're seeing in this blog. Check out the full set on Instagram or Facebook and give them some love!


We’re not willing to give up more weekends and forest hectares to wildfires. We’re tired of fights over gas pump stickers. And we’re definitely not up for going backwards on climate action.

This hearing is a big deal so stay tuned for an update next Tuesday when it launches.

A big shoutout to our Intergenerational Climate Coalition partners: Youth Climate Lab, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Public Health Association of BC, Saskatchewan Public Health Association, and Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children.

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Dave Hibbs
Dave is the Digital Strategy Lead at Gen Squeeze. He works to ensure that Gen Squeeze has a strong presence online and helps create campaigns to mobilize young Canadians across the country.
"I support climate action because..."
"I support climate action because..."
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