Covault Technologies is a Victoria-based advertising technology firm focused on helping brands and retailers maximize their co-op advertising dollars. Covault is helping Gen Squeeze maximize our digital advertising dollars — kindly being contributed by Helder Ventures (another GS Funding Partner) so that we can grow our base of Members! Gen Squeeze met Covault while we were both desking it at Victoria's Watershed co-working space. 


Covault's contribution to our work is in the form of discounted marketing services and technology. Unlike our other Funding Partners, we're not receiving any cash grants or donations from Covault, but we're super grateful for their support and wanted to show the love! 💖

We’re proud to have the support of Covault! If you're a brand or retailer looking to streamline and maximize your co-op marketing projects and dollars, you should check them out!  

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Funding Partners
Funding Partners