Gen Squeeze Founder Dr. Paul Kershaw invited to the Senate Committee on National Finance

Gen Squeeze Founder Dr. Paul Kershaw was invited to appear before the Senate Committee on National Finance on December 6, 2022 to discuss commitments made by the Government of Canada in its Fall Economic Statement. Paul’s comments build on our earlier analysis of how the Economic Statement doesn’t update much for generational fairness.

Paul took the opportunity to applaud historic investments in $10 a day child care. As Paul observed in his recent Globe & Mail column: "A new social program of this magnitude has not been built in my lifetime." He also praised the government for avoiding any scale back of climate action in response to cost of living pressures, because it’s both false economy and generational unjust to try to solve our wallet problems by neglecting our climate problems.  

Paul urged action to fix Statistics Canada’s flawed measure of inflation, which doesn’t accurately account for the rising housing costs that are crushing affordability for younger people, renters and newcomers to Canada. Since 2000, average home prices have risen by a whopping 318%.  By contrast, Statistics Canada reported that total inflation over the same period rose by 48%. 

Learn more by checking out Paul’s full remarks to the Senate committee, or Gen Squeeze’s 2022 report on why we should celebrate stalling prices for homes across Canada.


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