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Today's the last day to cast your vote in the 2020 BC election!

Getting ready to vote today? Not sure where you stand? Here's some info to help you get involved in electing BC's next government.

1. Where and how to vote

2. Where parties stand on some big issues (we’ve got you covered)

Housing affordability: Short story is, none of the party platforms are up to the task of making housing affordable in BC. But there are some important differences between them. Check out our analysis

Child care: Good news – all the major parties are committed to increasing investments in child care, helping ease the squeeze on families! Read our full take

Climate change: All parties agree climate change is a threat and our reliance on oil is dwindling. The Narwhal lays out the range of election promises on climate change and environmental issues. 

3. There’s still time to call for leadership on housing

This election, we've asked all the parties to make a clear and explicit goal of ensuring everyone in BC can afford a good home within a decade. Your messages already helped move one party. Let’s keep making it clear that housing affordability needs to be a priority for the next government.

Tell party leaders to make a real commitment to ensuring everyone can afford a home in BC

Dave Hibbs
Dave is the Digital Strategy Lead at Gen Squeeze. He works to ensure that Gen Squeeze has a strong presence online and helps create campaigns to mobilize young Canadians across the country.
The deets you need on e-day
The deets you need on e-day
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