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  • Protecting Alberta’s affordability advantage means celebrating stalling home prices

    Alberta is two steps ahead of BC, Ontario and Quebec when it comes to housing affordability. This economic advantage should be protected by all Albertans – and especially by political leaders as they gear up for the May 2023 election.

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  • Climate change in Election 2021

    Climate change features in the platforms of all parties in the federal election, though the breadth and depth of their commitments vary. So how do you know if the actions to which parties are committing will really move us towards the goal of holding climate change to 1.5 degree Celsius, as agreed to by Canada in the Paris Agreement?

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  • Is this a housing election?

    It’s great to see the parties upping their game when it comes to housing policy. All recognize that we have a dire problem. All appear to know that there is no “silver bullet” policy that will save the day. And all instead are proposing something more akin to “silver buckshot” by recommending changes to a variety of policy levers.

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  • Are party promises to spend more on medical care always a good thing?

    The pandemic has shown us how fortunate we are to enjoy publicly funded medical care, strong health infrastructure, and a committed and resilient health work force. Unfortunately, it has also highlighted the gaps and inequities that we knew existed prior to COVID-19 – but which we have been far too slow to address.

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