Election graphics & memes

This election, parties are talking a big game about solutions for ending the housing crisis, making it affordable to raise a family, mitigating climate change, and more. 

Generation Squeeze has been researching and talking about solutions for years. Now we want you to have some tools that you can share on social media to spread the word about generational fairness #GenFairnessNow. 

See anything you like below? Just click on an image, then you can download or save it to your smartphone. 

Solutions graphics

Talking about solutions can be tough, especially since so many of the solutions we need are complex and have many moving pieces. That's why we created these graphics to demonstrate different aspects of fixing problems in housing, climate change, family affordability and generational fairness in budgeting. 

Click the images to download any graphics and share them across social (and tag your elected officials so they know you want solutions!).

Intergen solidarity
Illness prevention
Government debt
Intergenerational system monster
10 a day childcare
Illness prevention spending
Parental leave solutions
Climate change solutions
Climate change solutions
Climate change solution
Homes first
Climate change solutions


Let's inject a little humour into the discourse about the problems young people are facing in Canada.

Click the images to download and share any of these memes:

Skywalker meme - housing
System change meme
Boomers meme
Clippy meme
How do you do fellow kids meme
Housing crisis meme


At the beginning of the 2021 election, we asked Gen Squeeze supporters what they wanted to tell the candidates running this election. We took just a few of the hundreds of submissions we got and made these shareable quote cards.

Any of these quotes resonate with you? Click the images to download them and share across social media!

10 a day childcare quote
Housing rights quote
Earn my vote quote
Generational planning quote
Climate change quote
Solutions Quote
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