Understand and share the evidence

Understanding our generational system and why it’s unfair is no small feat.  Generational unfairness isn’t as acknowledged as widely as systemic racism, sexism, heterosexism or the harmful legacy of colonialism.  We’re working hard to change this – in ways we hope will reinforce the importance of tackling these other systemic problems. 

All of our work is backed by cutting-edge research from the Gen Squeeze Knowledge Mobilization Lab at the University of British Columbia.  Meeting rigorous academic standards means that our solutions aren’t easily discredited – but it doesn’t mean they are universally liked!  Reasonable debate is an important part of challenging a system in which many people have a stake, and welcome it.

Marshalling strong evidence is an important start, but we know that facts are seldom enough to create change.  That’s why we also analyze and interpret the data, providing the context needed for it to be meaningful to inform an agenda for change.  

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