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  • Tax Credits vs. Direct Funding: What’s Best for Child Care?

    Tax credits cover ANY kind of paid child care that supports parental employment. It could be licensed child care in a centre or home, but it could be an unlicensed neighbourhood sitter or a nanny or care provided by a relative if that relative is paid. So tax credits offer less opportunity to influence the quality of services.

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  • We can't let up on child care

    After decades of research, planning, demonstrations and struggles, the financial squeeze on young families trying to afford child care may finally ease. All of us, including the public and government officials, need to make sure we don’t let young families and their children down this time.

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  • Three-Day-Weekends Should be Part of the Pandemic Recovery

    Since physical distancing curtails out-of-province travel, the Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC) has floated the idea that workplaces should prioritize three-day-weekends so locals have more time to recreate near home.

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