Fast Facts for Newly Elected MPs

Elephant_graphic.jpgIt's Speech from the Throne day.  MPs are sitting again in the House of Commons.  Have you sent them the Gen Squeeze Briefcase:  Fast Facts for Newly Elcted MPs?

To mark the occasion of a new Prime Minister and Parliament we want you to have this blog as a special kind of briefcase.   

Inside you'll find a briefing document, and proof that “Better is Always Possible” (a slogan our new PM used a lot on the campaign, and a slogan we love).

** Open the Briefcase **

“Better is Always Possible” means it’s OK to be critical AND positive at the same time.

For example, the Liberal government's platform contained many promises that could help ease the squeeze on younger Canadians. Great!

At the same time, the Liberal platform suffers some weaknesses (strengths and weaknesses are summarized inside). That’s to be expected. The point is to have fun as we respectfully and relentlessly pursue better, in our case a better generational deal. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deliver this briefcase (this blog itself, or just the contents) to your Member of Parliament.  It could affect how they represent you in our House of Commons.  

Gen Squeeze’s job is to lobby for you, to make sure our politicians do more to ease the squeeze on you or your family. We’ll do that day in, day out no matter what. 

But if you want to feel more connected to your own representative, consider getting in touch with them. [1] Give them the briefcase and share your story. How are you being squeezed, and what have you had to do to adapt?  

Your MP wants to serve you, your community and Canada; that’s why they’re there. They'll appreciate hearing from you and receiving this information.  

Happy New Parliament!

P.S. Prime Minister Trudeau also named himself Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Youth; a good sign.

[1] If your Member of Parliament is new, it might take them a while to get their contact information up on that Parliamentary website we linked to. You can check back in a week or two OR try sleuthing their contact information from their election campaign page (you should be able to Google it).

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Fast Facts for Newly Elected MPs
Fast Facts for Newly Elected MPs
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