fedElxn'19 Voter's Guide
Learn how party platforms score and compare on the issues you care about.

You’re planning to vote this election. But like so many other Canadians, you can't figure out where the parties stand or what all those election promises really mean. You need a platform decoder. And we’ve got one! 

Gen Squeeze's Voter's Guide shows how far each party's election promises go towards *actually* solving some big problems facing young people (and all Canadians). 

Get the Voter's Guide

It’s one scrolling infographic that shows how the party platforms score and compare on 4 key issues: housing affordability, climate change, family affordability and intergenerational budgeting. 


The full Voter's Guide is a PDF file. It can be viewed on any device, but it's best for saving to your computer or tablet.

We've also created a printable version, that you can download here.

Get the Issue Scorecards

We created individual scorecards for each issue that are easier to save to your phone (think camera roll) than the full infographic.

Download the issue scorecards you care most about, or all four! Just click the links below and save them to your device.


How we created the Voter's Guide 

The design is simple but don't be fooled. This guide is the result of years of research and thinking. Here's how it works:

  • Gen Squeeze created gameplans for tackling four major issues: housing affordability, climate change, family affordability and intergenerational budgeting
  • We evaluated the election platforms and commitments of four major federal parties: Conservatives, Greens, Liberals and NDP
  • We gave each party scores, based on how effective those commitments would be in helping achieve these goals

Want to dive deep? Check out our detailed analyses to read more about the strengths and weaknesses of each party's platform and our scoring methodology.

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Learn more about the criteria and methodologies Gen Squeeze used, and read our complete analysis for each issue area. 

fedElxn'19 Voter's Guide
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