Membership Drive & Contest
Help recruit new Gen Squeeze Members, and you could win cash & a food truck party for 50 of your friends!

The contest deadline has now passed

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated! 
We blew past our goal of $10,000 in new membership contributions ($12,500 was raised)!

These funds will be used to (a) help pay for our volunteer lobbying trip to Ottawa this fall, (b) help support the work of our Metro Vancouver housing strategist and (c) to help advance our #TaxShift work. We'll keep everyone up to date on our progress!

🚀 🙌 🏆

(1) Become a Gen Squeeze Member → (2) Help find NEW Members → Get a chance to win three prizes: $250, $500 and our grand prize:

A food truck party for up to 50 friends! 🎉


Think big! You could host 50 friends, colleagues, teammates, a family reunion, a block party, a beach party, perhaps a renegade wedding reception? Maybe you gift the prize to someone else? Anything goes!

How it works

(1) Become a new Gen Squeeze Member (if you're not already). This will get you one entry into our prize draw.

(2) Earn two additional entries in the draw for each new Member you recruit before Aug. 16 (register here to get started). Your new recruits will get entered into the draw, as well (see step 1). 

After you register, you'll get your own special recruitment link, contest dashboard and a kit to help you find new Members and win!

Crazy good odds 

Odds are currently predicted to be better than 1 in 100.*

*Exact odds will depend on participation; we'll keep this estimate up-to-date as the contest progresses.  

Register for the contest here!👇


Your info:

Gen Squeeze respects your privacy. By clicking “Enter contest“ you consent to receive updates on our work, including offers related to our benefits program. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The fine print

  • GRAND PRIZE DETAILS: you pick the date and your favourite food truck (depending on availability). No food truck where you live? Pick a restaurant or caterer instead. 50 friends seem like a lot? We can invite other Members or keep it small! $1,500 maximum value.
  • Only Members can enter the contest 
  • Enter the contest and recruit new Members by Aug. 16
  • Prize winners for each round will be randomly drawn
  • Existing Gen Squeeze Members (those who became a Member before July 16, 2018) will need to register for the contest and recruit at least one new Member to earn a chance to win (these prizes are meant to incentivize growth in Gen Squeeze membership).

Why we're doing this

We need to restore housing affordability, forever. We need to make it affordable to start and raise a family. We need to make it easier to find a good job, pay off student debt and save for retirement, all while leaving the next generation at least as much as we inherited.

If we reach 600 Members, we'll be able to send a volunteer lobbying team to Ottawa this fall, pay for a series of radio ads responding to recent attacks against our housing affordability work, and continue our work pushing for a greater diversity of housing options in Canada's hottest housing markets.

We need to create a Canada where hard-working young people can focus on thriving and giving back, rather than just scraping by.

Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No. But we'll need more Members! Our goal for this contest is to double our Membership to 600, and we'll go from there!

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Membership Drive & Contest
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