Gen Squeeze continues to amplify your voice post #Elxn21

Together, we made our voices heard in #Elxn21 to show that our movement for better solutions for younger Canadians isn’t going anywhere.


Our 2021 Voter’s Guide was seen by almost 1.5 million people over the final two weeks of the campaign, and attracted more than 20,000 people to dig deeper into what party commitments really mean for generational fairness, and how far they will get us towards solutions. Plus, Generation Squeeze’s reputation as a source for high quality, non-partisan and evidence based analysis continued to earn attention from political parties and other decision-makers who care about how their platforms perform against our policy solutions frameworks.


Thanks to all of the conversations, downloads and shares, we made sure housing, family affordability, climate change and wellbeing budgets dominated the major news networks. With over 470 media mentions and interviews, Generation Squeeze was among the top media influencers among policy organizations.


Now, with a new minority government in place, it’s time to focus our attention on making sure new policies and investments consider the needs of older and younger Canadians, and promote generational fairness. 


Here’s what we’re doing to sustain the momentum and amplify our messages:


  • Ensuring that new and returning Members of Parliament know that Gen Squeeze is the leading source of information on the wellbeing of younger generations, especially as it relates to housing, family policy, climate change and generational fairness in budgets. Our elected representatives need to know who to turn to for rigorous and comprehensive analysis and evidence-based solutions.


  • Sharing the punchlines from Gen Squeeze’s platform analysis with new and returning Members of Parliament. All Members need to know how their party’s policy proposals stack up against our evidence based solutions for Housing Affordability, Family Affordability, Climate Change and Wellbeing Budgets that work for all generations.


  • Making tailored recommendations to the Liberal minority government, and to the Conservative and NDP opposition parties, on priority actions to advance intergenerational fairness and wellbeing. We need to ensure our elected officials have a clear road map to improve health and wellbeing for all generations, from the early years onwards. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing with you a summary of our top recommendations for each party.


With Parliament returning in November, we’ll be watching for opportunities to meet with newly appointed Ministers, so we can continue to hammer home our key messages on how to build a Canada for works for all generations. 


The upcoming Speech from the Throne will set out broad the priorities and plans of the Liberal minority government.  A Budget will follow, to turn these promises and aspirations into concrete actions and investments.  Stay tuned for opportunities to raise your voice to let parliamentarians know that these key documents must reflect a commitment intergenerational fairness and wellbeing.

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