Gen Squeeze gets noticed south of the border

It’s probably not at the top of your US news feed of late given the more sensational fodder on offer. But let’s take a moment to celebrate our American cousins for applauding commitments to generational fairness at the core of the 2024 federal budget.

Leaders from the Berkley Institute for Young Americans in California are calling on their state to look to Ottawa for inspiration as they face down the rising costs of medical care, housing, education and climate mitigation and adaptation. Executive Director Sarah Swanbeck suggests looking to “Canada’s approach” of “prioritizing intergenerational equity”.

“California could take this as an opportunity to draw on lessons from Canada’s federal government, which recently made a historic pledge to deliver “fairness for every generation” in its 2024 federal budget. This framework aims to address systemic intergenerational inequalities, focusing on creating sustainable and equitable policies for both current and future generations. This is a landmark win for our allies at Generation Squeeze and an important moment for other international groups that have been pushing for greater acknowledgement of intergenerational fairness by governments around the world.”

Check out the full article here: California’s Fiscal Future: Lessons from Canada’s Generational Fairness Budget.

Thanks Sarah and the BIFYA team for calling attention to Canada’s decision to name generational fairness as a key policy challenge for the 21st century, and for standing in solidarity with younger people around the world who need long-term thinking to deal with rising costs, stagnant wages and an increasingly risky climate.

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