Get your fedElxn'19 Voter's Guide while it's hot!

It's time for Canadians to elect our next federal government. You've been wading through weeks of headlines and still aren't sure how each party's commitments on big problems facing young people today *actually* stack up. 

Your fedElxn'19 Voter's Guide is here

Our mission is simple: Help voters better understand how far each party's platform goes towards solving some of the big problems on our minds, like housing affordabilityclimate change and more.

The Voter's Guide SCORES and COMPARES each party's platform so you can figure out which ones are the strongest. 

The Voter's Guide is a single infographic that gives platform scores on four key issues: housing affordability, climate change, family affordability and intergenerational budgeting. 

We even designed the Voter's Guide so it can be saved to your computer or phone, for easy access as you get ready to vote.

Gen Squeeze spent weeks analyzing the Conservative, Green, Liberal and NDP platforms against key criteria developed from years of academic research. Then we took that analysis and gave each party a score out of 10 on the four key issue areas. A lot of thinking (and work) went into evaluating each party's election platforms. Learn more about the criteria and methodologies Gen Squeeze used, and read our complete analysis for each issue area:

  • Housing affordability
  • Climate change
  • Family affordability
  • Generational fairness in public finance (or intergenerational budgeting)

Research shows that younger people are less likely to vote if they don't feel they understand political issues, including where parties stand on them. We hear from young Canadians all the time that they don't know how to make sense of what parties *really* stand for, or what their election promises will amount to.

The fedElxn'19 Voter's Guide is specifically designed to make it easy for Millennials and others like us to make sense of all the election rhetoric so we can make an informed vote. Check it out!

Dave Hibbs
Dave is the Digital Strategy Lead at Gen Squeeze. He works to ensure that Gen Squeeze has a strong presence online and helps create campaigns to mobilize young Canadians across the country.
Get your fedElxn'19 Voter's Guide while it's hot!
Get your fedElxn'19 Voter's Guide while it's hot!
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