Helder Ventures strives to provide additional, impactful resources to social ventures. Their end goal is to grow both the social venture start-up community and the impact investing community in Vancouver, Canada. 

Common Ground

We share Helder Ventures' commitment to growing the social venture start-up community and the impact investing community — in our case by marketing a unique blend of consumer and political advocacy, demonstrating game-changing social impact, and achieving ever-higher levels of self-sufficiency through our membership program.      


Helder Ventures is contributing $35,000 to a year-long (2018/2019) digital marketing pilot project to help us recruit new individual Members and to gather data on the potential for digital advertising to help Gen Squeeze become 100% financially self-sufficient.   

We’re proud to have the support of Helder Ventures! We encourage you to check out their other projects.

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Funding Partners
Funding Partners