Four Key Commitments

For all Canadians to be able to afford a good home, parties’ housing plans should include these four commitments, which together create a comprehensive framework for solving the problem:


A guiding principle of Homes First

To help ensure all housing policy treats housing as a place to call home, not a way to get rich


A National Housing Strategy Phase II

To serve ALL Canadians struggling to find a good home, including all 1.7 million Canadians currently in core housing need (the current NHS aims to help ~500,000 people)


A goal to achieve that ☝️ (helping ALL Canadians afford a good home) by 2030

Which is already the goal of Canada’s arms-length national housing agency


Commit to comprehensive — NOT partial — action

Because partial action like only focussing on supply or only focussing on demand can make things worse


  • Action to strengthen the current NHS (social and community housing sector) 
  • Action to dial up the right supply
  • Action to dial down harmful demand
  • Action to address wealth inequalities created by housing (rebalance taxation)
  • Action to improve housing data
  • Action to protect people against a decline in prices


Take Action

Check out Generation Squeeze. I just joined.
If we want to restore housing affordability, we need to think big picture. I support a BC #TaxShift #bcpoli
Tell federal parties: We need a housing plan we can get excited about