This is a Critical Moment

Our goal is for all Canadians to afford a good home by 2030.

For that to happen, federal parties need to commit — now — to a comprehensive housing plan. If they don't, things might stay bad... or get even worse. 

With only months to go before the next election, the parties are already polishing their platforms. But we still have time.

If we wage a concerted campaign — starting with this petition — we can ensure all platforms include strong action, guided by a principle of Homes First.

The Homes First Movement

Across the country people are working to ensure all Canadians can afford a good home, by fundamentally shifting how we treat housing and residential land:

  • Sharing it more equally, making room for a diversity of people and housing

  • Protecting it for locals, and against egregious uses by money launderers, cheats, speculators, and those parking money in empty homes

  • Crafting policy that doesn't encourage owners to expect more wealth from the sale of their home than they put in through principal payments and home renovations  plus inflation

  • And crafting policy that doesn't encourage landlords to expect more income than is warranted by the total cost and ongoing labour of providing a rental home

We're doing this by increasing the right supply, decreasing harmful demand, rebalancing our tax system to address inequalities, and scaling up social and community housing. 

It's all part of a movement to treat housing as a place to call home, not a way to get rich, or something only the rich can afford. 


Or check out our latest report: Straddling the Gap: A troubling portrait of home prices, earnings and affordability for younger Canadians.

Our goal is for all Canadians to afford a good home by 2030. The Homes First guiding principle sits at the top of a comprehensive gameplan of specific policies we've put together — in conjunction with the Housing Research Collaborative hosted at UBC — to help get there. After signing the petition, we'll provide you with resources where you can learn more, including the 4 key commitments we're asking federal parties to make in advance of the 2019 election.

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Tell Our Politicians: Housing Should be for Homes First
Tell Our Politicians: Housing Should be for Homes First