LandlordBC is a professional association for landlords throughout British Columbia, striving “to balance the landlord’s rights to operate in a free market with the tenants’ rights to access safe, stable housing, as one unified, respected voice for the rental housing industry."


Landlord BC is currently contributing $12,000 to support our #CodeRed campaign (2019).

Our engagement with LandlordBC began soon after the launch of our #CodeRed affordability campaign. They endorsed our foundational principle of Homes First, and sponsored and participated in our 2016 Building Housing Common Ground event, of which came ten additional, common ground principles for tackling the #CodeRed housing crisis. While each participant helped shape all ten principles, LandlordBC and Gen Squeeze share particular interest in:

  • Principle 4: “Level the Playing Field Between Renters and Owners,” especially as it pertains to incentivizing more purpose-built rental and changing the cultural perception of renters.
  • Principle 6: “Channel Private Investment to Public Benefit,” especially as it concerns the incentivisation of more purpose-built rental.
  • Principle 8: “Revise Tax Policy”, e.g. our mutual support for Vancouver’s Empty Homes Tax.
  • Principle 10: “Mobilize Younger Generations” to ensure young people’s voices are heard and reflected in municipal, provincial and federal housing decisions.

We’re proud to have the support of LandlordBC! If you’re a landlord in British Columbia, we encourage you to consider participating in their Landlord Registry, designed to assist renters in identifying knowledgeable landlords who are committed to providing safe, secure, and sustainable rental housing.

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Funding Partners