Let’s take a moment to celebrate!
Together we’ve helped achieve significant wins in politics and the marketplace. And with our health benefit launching on Sept. 1, there's lots to be excited about!

It’s been a tough year for young Canadians. Housing prices remain high, income growth remains sluggish, and cost increases continue to mount. But together, we’ve helped achieve significant wins in politics and the marketplace to help counteract this powerful 360-degree squeeze.

  • After more than 50 briefings with politicians and staff, we’ve helped achieve some “Homes First” policy changes in B.C. and Ontario

  • Between 339 print stories and 99 TV and Radio interviews, we’ve brought significant attention to the needs of a younger demographic

  • Through our Benefits program, we’ve put over $30,000 back into the pockets of young Canadians through better deals in the marketplace

In celebration of our wins, Paul Kershaw and the gang hosted a Gen Squeeze BBQ at the PNE on Sunday, August 27! The weather was perfect as Squeezers enjoyed their lunch, while getting to know each other and enjoying the perfect summer sounds and smells of the Fair at the PNE.

Executive Director Eric Swanson, Organizer Veronika Bylicki, Founder Dr. Paul Kershaw, and Organizer Tesicca Truong enjoy a dip on the PNE's famous Flume water ride!

A big thank you to our sponsors – Kawkab Jamal and Associates and Edge Benefits – who helped us make this fun event a smokin’ deal for everyone!

Why were we so delighted to introduce Kawkab Jamal and Edge Benefits? They're our newest benefits partners who will be launching our extended health care plan on Sept. 1, 2017 (in fact, you can already check out the product and get a quote via our Benefits page.)

And last but not least, a shout out to our amazing volunteers who helped make the special day run so smoothly!

Volunteers Azlan and Mike just finishing up their summer PNE BBQ feast with Gen Squeeze! 

But there’s still lots of work left to do this fall. With school starting in just a week and then that crazy ramp up leading to the holidays, we’re determined to keep you engaged in the #CodeRed campaign as we continue pressuring government to fulfill promises made on the housing front and more.

So make sure you’ve signed up with Gen Squeeze (and told all of your friends!) to stay up to date with all our latest work.

Ryan Vandecasteyen
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Let’s take a moment to celebrate!
Let’s take a moment to celebrate!
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