Partner, ARYZE Developments

"As a Victoria-based developer specializing in missing middle housing, we've struggled to overcome the fear and resistance that frequently overwhelms efforts to build new housing options for people, including young families.

To help shift the conversation in a more positive direction, we've worked hard to compile and link local demographic data with historical development statistics on housing supply, facilitate dialogue around shared values, and bring people and organizations together. Sharing many of the same aims, we are grateful that Generation Squeeze has joined us in this work.

They're taking a truly big-picture approach to help restore housing affordability. And, while we might not agree on everything, their open, collaborative, evidence-based approach ensures that a diversity of perspective — rather than weakening our work together — actually strengthens it.

We need more groups like Gen Squeeze."


Partner, ARYZE Developments
Partner, ARYZE Developments
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