Erin Welch & Our First Benefit Offer
We're proud to announce the launch of a benefits program to ease the squeeze! Erin Welch from Credit Unions of BC helps explain our first offer

Erin_Welch_web.jpgMeet Erin Welch - Assistant Architect to our First Benefit Offer!

We're proud to announce the launch of a benefits program to ease the squeeze! Our first benefit was courtesy of the Credit Unions of BC and we look forward to launching more benefits coast to coast. 

(basically, if you open an account with a B.C. credit union you get up to $200, and Gen Squeeze gets $50, too!)

It takes a lot of champions to put these things together, and today we’d like to introduce you to one of our credit union pals who helped build this offer - Erin Welch, Manager of Client Services at Central 1 Credit Union. We sat down with her to learn what the credit union movement means to her and how “The Squeeze” shows up in her day-to-day life.   

  1. Tell me a bit about the credit union movement? Why is it important to you?

    As a collective of credit unions in BC, our main goal is to communicate how credit unions are different and why they’re important. Credit unions are local – they offer the same products and services as banks, but instead of channeling their profits to a few select shareholders (like a bank does), they redistribute their wealth back to their member shareholders and into communities in the form of donations, sponsorships, scholarships, and much more. Credit unions are cooperatives, which means that each member owns the credit union. This gives each member an equal voice, it means members receive profit dividends, and it means the more business that a credit union receives, the more they are able to reinvest into our local communities. It’s a regenerative way of running a business, which is extremely rewarding to be a part of.

  2. What is your role in relation to Credit Unions and how did you come to be involved with Generation Squeeze?

    I’m the Manager of Client Services in our Marketing & Research department. I work with credit unions across British Columbia and Ontario to support them in their marketing efforts. We became involved with Gen Squeeze because we wanted to support a program which aims to create change in a world that many of us are struggling to navigate through. Our partnership with Gen Squeeze not only offers us a new platform to communicate why credit unions are so important and how we can support members with their finances, but we also get to contribute dollars to a cause that we really believe in for every new B.C. credit union member that joins via

  3. How does “the Squeeze” show up for you in your day-to-day life? What excites you about Gen Squeeze?

    As the parent of two children ages 3 and 5, I am in the middle of feeling the biggest squeeze put on young families. We are facing high cost of living and skyrocketing daycare costs, which puts the squeeze on our time by having to work long hours in order to make ends meet. This impacts every area of our life from quality time spent with our kids to our health and wellness. I know that many people say that “you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t support them” and we knew what we were getting into when we had kids and are not looking for any kind of handouts. We would just love it if the squeeze could ease up in order for us to be both productive working members of society AND involved parents. 


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Erin Welch & Our First Benefit Offer
Erin Welch & Our First Benefit Offer
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