Mission, Vision & Values
Learn what guides our work as we build a Canada that works for all generations


To be a force for intergenerational fairness, to improve Canada’s wellbeing, powered by younger voices (Gens X, Y (Millennials), Z) and those who love them  – all backed by cutting edge research.


A Canada that works for all generations, promoting wellbeing from the early years onwards.


Our strength comes from our character. We are pan-Canadian, beyond partisan, nimble, hard-working, practical, passionate, lighthearted, and armed with the facts.




We report what the data reveal, even when it’s unpopular for our constituency, for policy makers or for the public. We tell the truth, including when it’s hard to hear.


Mobilize the majority to reduce inequalities

Our goal is to reach the majority, because there's power in numbers. And we need all the power we can get to reduce inequalities.

health & wellbeing

Health & wellbeing

We promote health & wellbeing by focusing on the social determinants of heath and advancing health in all policies. We believe the way to improve wellbeing is through improving the conditions in which we are born, grow, live, work and age – conditions that are deteriorating for younger Canadians.

intergenerational fairness

Intergenerational fairness

Research shows that investment in the early years is key to promoting health & wellbeing. We therefore advocate for policies that invest fairly between young and old alike to promote wellbeing from the early years onwards.

intergenerational solidarity

Intergenerational solidarity

We’re all in this together. Younger Canadians want to ensure we collectively care well for our aging parents and grandparents. Parents and grandparents want to leave a proud legacy for their kids and grandchildren.

leave as much as we inerited

Leave at least as much as we inherit

Invariably, parents strive to create better prospects for their children, or at least leave as much as they inherited. That is our obligation to those who follow in our footsteps, in return for the sacrifices of our own parents and previous generations. This means we need to reduce the financial and environmental debts we leave.



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Mission, Vision & Values
Mission, Vision & Values
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