Move over fish tacos, we’d like to talk about our future.
We are what we eat has never been more true - at least for the millennials. If the reports are true, we like local craft brew, cupcakes, authentic fish tacos, banh mi, and freshly made ramen noodles.

It has to be local, and preferably organic. And apparently, it has to be reported ad nauseam in the lifestyle sections of major newspapers, next to our conspicuous fashion choices.

But here at GenSqueeze’s Echo Blog, we truly hope that the reporting scourge that has descended upon our lifestyles will move up from our gastrointestinal tract to that lesser known, but no less hungry, organ residing in our skulls.

The Echo generation here in Canada is broader than just the “millennials” – we’re younger Canadians, 20ish to 40ish. We’re the ones trying to figure out how to finish school and find a decent job, how to pay down student debt and afford housing, how to start a family (or not), and how to participate in our communities and governments. We’ve got a lot on our plates besides food.

We’re tired of the superficial commentary about where we eat, which version of iPhone we own, how we’re entitled, or lazy, or possibly an alien species. It’s glib and, frankly, it’s sometimes insulting. In any case, it’s out of touch.

To be fair, we can't expect things to change when we don't vote in any great numbers - our lack of participation is reflected in the decisions being made by governments that don't take into account the issues we care about. Let’s face it, most of our choices are being shaped by those in power – namely, baby boomers. They’re not the enemy, but they don’t necessarily share the values, priorities and concerns of younger generations. And boy, do we have concerns.

Economic growth is grinding to a halt. We’re all more and more in debt, while incomes for most Canadians are flatlining. We’re passing the buck on big global issues like climate change now with the assumption that we can fix it later.

And all this as the baby boomers are just starting to retire, putting pressure on our governments to fund pensions, health care and social benefits.

Maybe that’s just the new normal. Maybe we don’t want what previous generations had. But we owe it to ourselves to start thinking through what’s causing these shifts, the impact they’re having on us, and what the implications are (or should be) for our governments and our politics.

The Echo Blog team at GenSqueeze wants to start talking about these issues in a space that’s by us, and for us. Less about food and fashion; more about the important economic, social and political forces shaping our country and impacting our lives.

We aim to provoke discussion about how we live, work, participate, save, and deal with challenges like paying for health care and dealing with environmental issues.

Like it or not, we will become the ones having to make the decisions for our society eventually. So what do we want it to look like? We think it’s a conversation worth having now.
Ryan Vandecasteyen
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Move over fish tacos, we’d like to talk about our future.
Move over fish tacos, we’d like to talk about our future.
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