New federal election study on housing
Lab at UBC provides comprehensive analysis of federal party housing promises

For immediate release

Led by Dr. Paul Kershaw, the Generation Squeeze Research and Knowledge Translation Lab, located in the University of BC School of Population & Public Health, is releasing the first installment of its Federal Election Voters Guide – a new study that examines the housing promises made by the Conservatives, Greens, Liberals and NDP.

The study investigates two questions: First, is any party doing enough to end the housing affordability crisis? Second, which platform aligns more with the evidence about what is required to restore affordability? The new 30-page analysis digs into the strengths and weaknesses in all four party platforms to answer both questions.


No party is proposing to do enough to restore housing affordability for all.

Generation Squeeze worked over the past several years with academic and community experts to produce a comprehensive policy framework to fix the housing system. The framework points to 15 different action items. None of the Party platforms address all 15. As a result, there is reason to remain concerned that a very large gap between housing costs and local earnings will persist – for renters and aspiring owners.

Some platforms align more with the evidence than others

  • The Liberals promise to address two-thirds of the action items.
  • The NDP and Greens promise to address one-third.
  • The Conservatives promise to address one-quarter

A key challenge

None of the parties propose to restore affordability for all by adapting policies so home prices will stall in order to give earnings a chance to catch up.
The Generation Squeeze Voter’s Guide does not set out to point voters to one party or another, because we ultimately want all parties to design platforms that work for all generations. But we do believe many voters will benefit from having access to a sense of the overall strength of the various promises that parties make relative to academic evidence about what is required to solve big problems squeezing younger generations.

That’s what this analysis of housing promises provides.

The full report, including an infographic summary, can be found here.

The methodology for the study can be found here, including our commitment to non-partisan analysis.

The platform study will be updated during the election if/when additional relevant information about party promises becomes publicly available. We welcome parties contacting the Lab to suggest refinements to our analyses in light of information that the party has made publicly available.

For media inquiries, contact:

Dr. Paul Kershaw, University of BC policy professor, and Founder, Generation Squeeze
[email protected] 604 761 4583.

Download PDF version of release.

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New federal election study on housing
New federal election study on housing
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